The Faculty Files Custodian maintains digital personnel files and grants faculty time-limited access to their (digital) files upon request. Faculty and others may submit documents electronically: via email to, or via PEAR (the Protected Email Attachment Repository) to J. Matt Abrell ( with cc to Monica Kroft (

Digital files will be made available to personnel committees and other reviewers (Deans, VCAA/Provost, Chancellor) via confidential Box folders, with access logged and granted on a time-limited basis.

The Faculty Files Office houses official faculty personnel files, which are used to reach decisions on promotion, tenure, and retention. The Faculty Files Custodian is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding faculty personnel files, and for granting access to authorized individuals charged with reviewing files under the terms of the Faculty Personnel Policy.

Link to more information about faculty personnel files in Article 1 (pp. 6-8) of the Faculty Personnel Policy


  • Request digital file access: J. Matt Abrell, Faculty Files Custodian, 
  • Submit documents to the file:, or to Linda Schneider via PEAR
  • Phone: 217/206-7408
  • Fax: 217/206-7623

More Info

How to ensure correspondence intended for inclusion in personnel files is added without delay.

The following information may be helpful in ensuring that correspondence intended for inclusion in your faculty personnel file is added to your file without delay:

  • Documents related to faculty personnel review processes must be signed.
  • Supporting documents from colleagues and students may be delivered in hard copy format or sent via electronic format for printing by Provost’s Office staff.
    • Hard copy documents should be addressed to: Provost, University of Illinois Springfield, One University Plaza MS PAC 525, Springfield IL 62703
    • Electronic documents from colleagues and students should be sent to:
    • Please note the UIS Faculty Files mailbox is intended solely for receipt of materials from colleagues and students. Official personnel documents should still be delivered in hard copy format to the Faculty Files Office in PAC 531.
    • We strongly recommend hand delivery of documents to PAC 531/MS PAC 525, rather than relying on campus mail, to ensure documents are received by personnel deadlines.

If you wish to determine whether or not items have been received and added to your personnel file, you are welcome to review your file in the Faculty Files Office, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to noon or 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Important information regarding Tenure, Reappointment, and Promotion application materials.

Applications and Portfolios

Faculty who will be applying for tenure, promotion, or reappointment during Academic Year 2019-2020 are especially encouraged to become familiar with this information related to applications and accompanying portfolios.


Only complete tenure/reappointment/promotion applications will be accepted by the Faculty Files Office.

In addition to the portfolio, application materials submitted to the Faculty Files Custodian must include the following:

  • Application Narrative
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Log of Portfolio Contents (separate from that included with the portfolio)

A copy of the narrative must also be submitted to the Department Personnel Committee (DPC), or to the Department Chair/Head if no personnel committee exists.

Portfolio Log

A log of portfolio contents must accompany all reappointment, tenure, and promotion applications. The log constitutes an official record of the portfolio and is added to the personnel file [Faculty Personnel Policy, Article 1, Section 8.].  Applications will not be accepted without an accompanying log of portfolio contents.

View the Porfolio Log Review Form & Application Checklist (PDF)