Notice: All On-Ground UNI 301 Sections for Fall 2021 Will Be Offered Remotely

Due to health and safety considerations, all on-ground sections of the ECCE Speaker Series course (UNI 301) will be offered remotely for the Fall 2021 semester.  No live Speaker Series events will be held this spring.  Instead, students enrolled in UNI 301 will watch previously-recorded events on their own time (asynchronously).

On-ground students and Peoria Center students can register for these remote sections without special permission.  Remote UNI 301 Sections for Fall 2021 are Sections A – J.

For students enrolled in online degree programs, online UNI 301 Sections for Fall 2021 are Sections P – U.

UNI 301 is one-credit hour course that is offered on a Credit / No Credit basis only.

If you have any questions about the ECCE Speaker Series or want additional details about the UNI 301 course,  contact Kimberly Craig at or at 217.206.6245.

UNI 301: ECCE Speaker Series is a required course for undergraduate students.  It offers students the opportunity to listen to and participate in discussions with a variety of speakers whose lectures compliment the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience curriculum.   The course is offered in on-ground and online formats.  There are several sections of each mode but the course shares a common syllabus.

On-ground UNI 301 students are required to attend at least four Speakers Series events with documented attendance.  Reflection on event content occurs through online discussion forums and an integrative essay.

Online UNI 301 students are required to view at least four Speakers Series event recordings.  Reflection on event content occurs through online discussion forums and an integrative essay.


What is the Speaker Series?

The Engaged Citizenship Common Experience Speaker Series is a one-hour course that is part of the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) curriculum, the distinctive set of courses taken by undergraduates at UIS to foster the appreciation for and practice of diversity and the active effort to make a difference in the world.

For one hour of credit over the course of the semester, students will participate in four campus-sponsored events presented by speakers who exemplify engaged citizenship.  After each event students participate in a discussion forum by responding to discussion questions and commenting on other student posts about the event on the course Canvas site.  At the end of the semester, students write an integrative essay about their experiences.  Other than an introductory class meeting, there are no regular classroom meetings for this course.  No textbook is required.

Who should take the Speaker Series course?

All undergraduates completing a degree (on-ground and online) at UIS must take one hour of Speaker Series.

When should I take the Speaker Series course (UNI 301)?

This course may be taken in any semester during a student’s baccalaureate experience, but students should plan to complete the Speaker Series requirement while taking or after having completed at least one other ECCE course (100-level Comparative Societies Humanities, Social Science and Capital Scholars Honors Program courses count for this requirement).

When and where does the Speaker Series class meet?

Students will attend a minimum of four Speaker Series events of their choosing out of approximately ten to twelve events scheduled during the semester.  Students will be required to view a lecture online at the beginning of the semester to review the syllabus, class policies, and introduce the Canvas site.  Canvas software will be used to track student progress in the course.

What are Speaker Series events?

Each semester the Speaker Series course will feature campus-sponsored events on a variety of topics that complement the Engaged Citizenship Common Curriculum.  Participating speakers may be local, national, or international individuals or groups from a variety of disciplines.

How do I find out what Speakers or Speaker Series Events are offered this semester?

The schedule of Speaker Series events will change each semester.  Because Speaker Series events are free and open to the public, most events will also be advertised to the campus and local communities.  A schedule of Speaker Series events will be posted on our website.

Students currently enrolled in UNI 301 should refer to the event schedule posted on their course’s Canvas site because there may be certain events specific to UNI 301 students only.  If you are enrolled in the UNI 301 course, Speaker Series event details will be posted on the Canvas site with announcements and email reminders sent to you.

What are the course requirements?

Students must demonstrate the ability to learn from the events they attend by responding to Discussion Board questions and commenting on other student posts on Canvas.  Upon completion of the four events, students compose an Integrative Essay that provides an overview of their Speaker Series experience and explores in depth how the events–both separately and together–reflect the definition of Engaged Citizenship.  No textbook is required for this course.

Can I take the Speaker Series course online?

Online sections of the Speaker Series course are available only for students enrolled in online degree programs.  Online students participate in Speakers Series events through video on demand recordings based on the schedule of events for the semester.  All summer sections of Speaker Series are online and open to all students.

How do Peoria Center students participate in Speaker Series?

UIS Peoria Center students should take the Speaker Series course online.  If you are a Peoria student and wish to take this course online instead of attending events in person, please contact for registration information.

What if I have questions or need help?

All students enrolled in the Speaker Series will have access to an online Canvas site.  Detailed course information, as well as event updates, will be available on the Canvas site.  For questions about the course, contact your course facilitator.  For questions about events, contact

Where are Speaker Series events held?

Most Speaker Series events will be held on campus in Brookens Auditorium.  However, events are also held at the Student Union and Public Affairs Center.  Check the event schedule posted on your course’s Canvas site for more information.