The UNI 301 ECCE Speaker Series Course

UNI 301: Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) Speaker Series is a required course for UIS undergraduate students offered on a Credit / No Credit basis. UNI 301 fulfills the Speaker Series requirement of the ECCE curriculum at UIS.

The course is designed to introduce students to the concept of engaged citizenship by expanding students’ awareness of diverse social and cultural experiences. Through regular participation in discussion sections students will continue to develop their critical thinking and communications skills.

UNI 301 Course Requirements:

To earn one hour of credit, students are required to attend four campus-sponsored Speakers Series events and participate in a subsequent discussion session tied to each event. At the end of the semester, students enrolled in the course write an integrative essay reflecting on the events in which they participated through the lens of the ECCE learning outcomes (listed below).

UNI 301 Student Learning Outcomes:

Students who complete the UNI 301 Speakers Series course will be able to:

  • Summarize the thesis and main arguments/premises of the events in which they participate
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how attitudes and beliefs may reflect social and cultural experiences different from one’s own
  • Develop critical thinking skills including the ability to construct an argument and support that argument with facts, data, and/or personal knowledge
  • Practice and develop communication skills including active listening and persuasive writing
  • Relate the content of the events in which they participate to the central themes of engaged citizenship, which include:
  • Recognizing the social responsibility of the individual within a larger community
  • Practicing awareness of and respect for the diversity of cultures and peoples in this country and in the world
  • Reflecting on the ways that involvement, leadership, and respect for community occur at the local, regional, national, or international levels
  • Identifying how social systems such as economic, political, and legal systems may impact individual development
  • Engaging in open-minded and ethical decision-making and action
  • Distinguishing the possibilities and limitations of social change

Spring 2023 UNI 301 Course Options:

On-Ground Option: 

For students interested in participating in live, in-person events and discussions, a limited number of UNI 301 on-ground sections will be offered for Spring 2023. These sections are specifically designed to develop students’ oral communication skills. Students enrolled in on-ground sections of UNI 301 will attend four events in-person during class time and participate in a class discussion about each event the following week.

Online Option:

For students interested in taking the course asynchronously, several online sections of UNI 301 will be offered in Spring 2023. Students enrolled in online UNI 301 sections will be required to watch four pre-recorded events and participate in four asynchronous Canvas discussions.