The primary audience for ECCE Speaker Series events is UIS undergraduate students enrolled in UNI 301. Our events are free and open to the public, so campus constituents and community members are welcome to attend as well. Size of the audience may range from 20-200 depending on interest in the topic and size of the venue.

Presentation Length

Speaker Series events vary in length depending on the type of event. Ideally a lecture or panel format should fall within the range of 45-60 minutes followed by 15 to 20-minutes of productive Q&A or discussion. Any event projected to exceed two hours should be discussed with the Speaker Series program coordinator in advance.

Presentation Content Tied to ECCE Relevance

The Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) is an interdisciplinary curriculum, so offering multiple perspectives or discussing the intersections of disciplinary approaches is encouraged.  At least two of the six learning outcomes/themes of engaged citizenship below must be reflected in your presentation and audience engagement.

  • Recognizing the social responsibility of the individual within a larger community
  • Practicing awareness of and respect for the diversity of cultures and peoples in this country and in the world
  • Reflecting on the ways involvement, leadership, and respect for community occur at the local, regional, national, or international levels
  • Identifying how social systems such as economic, political, and legal systems may impact individual development
  • Engaging in open-minded and ethical decision-making and action
  • Distinguishing the possibilities and limitations of social change

Audience Engagement Component

Audience engagement is the cornerstone of our ECCE Speaker Series events. Open discussion and participation are valued and required with each event. Presenters must structure their presentation to include a discussion, question and answer, or other activity component that requires audience participation relevant to the topic.

If the audience does not come up with questions on their own, we ask that you work with your event host to facilitate the discussion by posing questions to stimulate audience engagement. UNI 301 students must relate the content of the events in which they attend to the central themes of engaged citizenship previously mentioned. Framing questions around the main theme(s) of your event reinforces student learning and is highly encouraged.  For tips to help your audience engagement component run smoothly, review Leading an ECCE Speaker Series Discussion (PDF printable version).


A range of technology and accessories listed below are available to support your event. There is no guarantee that we can accommodate last minute requests or changes. The following AV equipment is available if requested in advance:

  • PC computer or laptop connection for a PC or Mac
  • LCD projector and screen
  • Internet connection
  • PowerPoint
  • DVD / CD player
  • Lectern
  • Lectern light – must also request electrical
  • Step stool behind lectern for presenters small in stature
  • Stage / Risers
  • Microphone (podium, hand held, hands-free)
  • Laser pointer and remote presentation mouse
  • Easel, flip chart, whiteboard, markers, eraser

Sound check and technology assistance is required 30 minutes prior to event start time!   This designated time allows UIS IT staff to assist with set up and problem solve sound, tech, or connection issues in advance.

Book Sales / Signing Request

If your wish to sell and sign books at your event, you must make these arrangements with the program coordinator in advance.

Unless you expect your event to draw a large audience from the general public, hosting a book sale at your event is not recommended. Students seldom buy books at Speaker Series events. If you do request your book to be sold at your event, note the UIS (Follett) Bookstore is the only authorized vendor permitted to sell books and other merchandise on the UIS campus. Per University policy, no external vendor can sell books or merchandise on the UIS campus. The current UIS contract with Follett states:

“The University of Illinois Springfield contract with Follett provides them with the exclusive rights, with respect to bookstores serving the University’s Springfield campus, free from any alternative bookstore source endorsed, licensed or otherwise approved or supported by the University (whether on campus, by catalog or through electronic commerce, including hyperlinks to alternative sources) to buy, sell, distribute (including the right to select vendors) merchandise and services traditionally offered in college and university bookstores…  Follett also has the right of first refusal to fulfill any distance learning instructional and ancillary materials required by the Springfield campus of the University of Illinois.”

Consent to Record

In order to provide a common experience for online students, Speaker Series will ask that speakers sign a consent agreement to have their presentation recorded and made available on our video on demand website.  Students enrolled in online sections of the UNI 301: ECCE Speaker Series course view archived recordings of live events as part of their curriculum.

Payment / Reimbursement

Presenter must be established as a vendor in the University of Illinois system before payment or reimbursements can be processed.  Presenter must complete a Vendor Information Form and submit signed form to the ECCE Speaker Series Academic Program Coordinator.
Fax: 217-206-6383

Paperwork for payment will be processed after services are rendered. Expect 6-8 weeks for your check to arrive in the mail.