Spring 2021

Campus Senate and the Provost’s Office are jointly sponsoring a series of conversations in January and February 2021 to address specific proposals, questions, and concerns about the academic reorganization process at UIS. Many thanks to those who have submitted questions or topics for these sessions. The schedule with topics for the first three meetings (January 25, February 3, and February 8) is below.

We invite suggestions from UIS faculty and staff for additional questions or topics for two additional February sessions. To submit a question or topic, please link to the confidential survey form. You are also most welcome to email Lynn Fisher (Chair, UIS Campus Senate) at lfish1@uis.edu with suggestions, questions, or concerns.

Audio and video recordings of each session will be posted within 24 hours after the session concludes.

Link to audio and video recordings of Campus Conversations, as well as the chat text

Last updated 2.9.2021