Spring 2024

Accounting, Economics, & Finance (AEF)

Karl McDermott, Professor & Chair

Art, Music, & Theatre (AMT)

Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson, Professor & Chair

Computer Science (CSC)

Svet Braynov, Associate Professor & Head

Education (EDU = EDL + TEP)

Beth Hatt, Professor & Director

History (the HIS)

Devin Hunter, Associate Professor & Acting Chair

Management, Marketing, & Operations (MMO)

Shipra Gupta, Associate Professor & Chair

Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy (MSP = MAT + PHI)

Hei-Chi Chan, Associate Professor & Chair

Psychology (PSY)

Carrie Switzer, Associate Professor & Chair

Sociology/Anthropology (SOA)

Lynn Fisher, Professor & Chair

Health Sciences (HSC = ATH + EXR + MLS)

Celest Weuve, Associate Professor & Director

Communication and Media (CME = COM + PAR)

Beth Ribarsky, Professor & Director

Counseling and Social Work (CSW = HDC + SWK)

Tiffany Nielson, Associate Professor & Chair

English & Modern Languages (EML)

Donna Bussell, Professor & Chair

Library (LIB)


Management Information Systems (MIS)

Xiaoqing Li, Professor & Head

Politics & International Affairs

Magic Wade, Associate Professor & Acting Director

Public Management & Policy

Jun Wang, Associate Professor & Acting Director

updated 2023.12.21

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