Fall 2024

Accounting, Economics and Finance (AEF)

Karl McDermott, Professor and Chair

Art, Music, & Theatre (AMT)

Yona Stamatis, Associate Professor and Chair

Computer Science (CSC)

Svet Braynov, Associate Professor and Head

Education (EDU = EDL + TEP)

Beth Hatt, Professor and Director

History (HIS)

Devin Hunter, Associate Professor and Chair

Management, Marketing and Operations (MMO)

Shipra Gupta, Associate Professor and Chair

Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy (MSP = MAT + PHI)

Hei-Chi Chan, Associate Professor and Chair

Psychology (PSY)

Carrie Switzer, Associate Professor and Chair

Sociology/Anthropology (SOA)

Lynn Fisher, Professor and Chair

Health Sciences (HSC = ATH + EXR + MLS)

Celest Weuve, Associate Professor and Director

Communication and Media (CME = COM + PAR)

Beth Ribarsky, Professor and Director

Counseling and Social Work (CSW = HDC + SWK)

Tiffany Nielson, Associate Professor and Chair

English (ENG)

Donna Bussell, Professor and Chair

Library (LIB)

Mallory Jallas, Clinical Associate Professor and Head

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Xiaoqing Li, Professor and Head

Politics and International Affairs

Magic Wade, Associate Professor and Director

Public Management and Policy

Jun Wang, Associate Professor and Director

updated 2024.7.16

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