The concept proposals listed below have emerged from “Faculty Of” conversations and are approved for “Division Of” development. During this phase, faculty, chairs/heads, and deans will collaborate on developing the concept of an interdisciplinary unit by establishing a plan and preparing the infrastructure that could support the newly established unit. It is also possible during this phase that the parties decide that continuing to explore and develop the concept is not appropriate.

  • College of Science, submitted by the Departments of Allied Health, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Mathematical Sciences, Philosophy, Public Health, and Psychology
  • Department of English & Modern Languages
  • Formation of joint Math-Philosophy Department
  • Proposal for a School of Public Policy and Management
  • Field Stations
  • History
  • School of Politics and International Affairs (initial proposal – School of Politics, Public and International Affairs)
  • School of Education
  • Department of Art, Music, & Theatre
  • Department of Counseling & Social Work

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Updated 1.26.2021