The purpose of the Academic Reorganization Team Support (ARTS) working group is to support the UIS effort to reorganize and revitalize academic programs.  The revitalization of academic programs in this effort is achieved by harnessing interdisciplinary synergies across curricular, scholarly, and service activities of faculty operating within allied disciplines.  The process of transforming ourselves academically is difficult and challenging under ideal circumstances.  And let’s face it, public higher education in the state of Illinois and ideal circumstances have been estranged for some time. ARTS is comprised of individuals with expertise in different areas of the broader academic enterprise who are committed to providing the support faculty will need to successfully explore, plan, and implement the changes they identify as essential to the future success of our students and the institution.


Dennis Papini, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost: Overall Academic Support

Som Bhattacharya, Dean, College of Business & Management (CBM): College Academic Support

Cecilia Cornell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education (AVCGE): Graduate Academic Support

Kimberly Craig, Assistant to the AVCUE: BOT/IBHE – External Governance Processes

Brian Moore, Program Coordinator for Graduate Education: Academic Codebook and Internal Governance Processes

James Ermatinger, Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS); Interim Dean, College of Education & Human Services (CEHS): College Academic Support

Monica Kroft, Assistant to the Provost: ARTS Logistical Support

Ken Mulliken, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education (AVCUE): Undergraduate Academic Support

Robert W. Smith, Dean College of Public Affairs & Administration (CPAA): College Academic Support

Vickie Cook, Executive Director, Online, Professional, & Engaged Learning (OPEL): Online/Continuing Education

Tarah Sweeting, Director, Center for Academic Success & Advising: Advising/Student Success Support

Natalie Taylor, Assistant Provost for Academic Human Resources: Academic HR Support

Gerard (Jerry) Joseph, Associate Provost for Budget & Administrative Planning: Support for Budget and Planning

Keenan Dungey, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Institutional Effectiveness (AVCRIE): Data/Analytics/IE Support

Laura Dorman, Director of Institutional Research: Institutional Data Support

Chuck Coderko, Associate Chancellor for Administrative Affairs: Facilities Development

Jeff Sudduth, IT Technical Associate: Technology Support

Natalie Herring, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management (APEM): Student Recruiting/Marketing

Brian Clevenger, Registrar and Director, Records & Registration: Catalog and Registration Support

Jessica Decker, Director of Marketing: UIS Website Management Support

Lucia Vazquez, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: College Academic Support

Support Functions Defined

Overall Academic Support (Papini)

Will provide oversight, advice, and consultation to the working groups engaged in the academic reorganization process.  Will coordinate and ensure the timely delivery of requested support to the working groups.

College Academic Support (Deans)

Will provide oversight, advice, consultation, institutional and system policy and guidance to departments and faculty members on creating opportunities for synergies and promotion of academic disciplines and programs that benefit our students and the university.

Graduate Academic Support (Cornell)

Will provide guidance in the preparation of, and the governance processes for, proposed organizational or curricular changes.  Will help to facilitate collaboration between graduate faculty exploring new initiatives and those faculty and staff involved with the development of new Teaching and Learning Labs.

BOT/IBHE Approval – External Governance Processes (Craig)

Will provide guidance on the required external governance processes for the approval of new academic programs, as well as changes to current academic programs.  Will serve as the Provost’s liaison to the University of Illinois System Office for external academic governance issues and will shepherd academic changes through the BOT and IBHE approval processes.

Academic Codebook & Internal Governance Processes (Moore)

Will provide guidance on the required internal governance processes for the approval of new academic programs, as well as changes to current academic programs. Will serve as the UIS liaison to the University of Illinois System Office for internal academic governance issues and will shepherd Academic Codebook changes through approval processes.

ARTS Logistical Support (Kroft)

Will coordinate and direct all communications between ARTS and units engaged in any of the three phases of academic reorganization.  Will also serve as liaison between units and UIS HR.

Undergraduate Academic Support (Mulliken)

Will serve as a liaison between the Provost’s Office and the undergraduate faculty to identify curricular and co-curricular opportunities that transcend current structures.  Will encourage, and help facilitate, conversations that lead to enhanced and expanded function-based collaborations in promotion of the UIS Strategic Compass.

Online/Continuing Education Support (Cook)

Will provide advice and consultation for current and new online and blended programming (including courses, certificate, and degrees) to the working groups engaged in the academic reorganization process.

Advising/Student Success Support (Sweeting)

Will provide oversight and vision for strategic reorganization of advising and advising processes at the undergraduate level.  Will coordinate the implementation of new best practices throughout OASIS and the colleges in alignment with the EAB/Navigate platform. Will support the role of faculty mentors in conjunction with professional advisors as advising processes are documented and optimized through EAB. Will continue to offer faculty and student support through Learning Hub initiatives with the goal of enhancing services, utilizing best practices, and implementing technology that promotes data-informed decisions, leading to continuous improvement.

Academic HR Support (Taylor)

Will provide leadership and guidance in the development, implementation, and administration of academic employment policies and procedures to support UIS units, academic employees, and the University community.

Support for Budget and Planning (Joseph)

Will provide objective, accurate, comprehensive, and timely fiscal information, analysis, and forecasting to inform and support the decision-making, resource allocation process and service-delivery capabilities for the university.

Data/Analytics/IE (Dungey/Dorman)

Will provide institutional and comparative data to facilitate organizational learning for each unit and the continuous improvement of our campus.  Will analyze and disseminate institutional data on programs, students, faculty and staff, and conduct ad-hoc data analyses to provide the UIS community with the information they need to make informed and successful decisions.

Facility Development (Coderko)

Will provide insight, guidance, and leadership to assist in the identification of facility and space requirements to include developing realistic and actionable solutions that comply with building codes and standards, fit within the University’s master planning process, and are well-designed and integrated into the campus’ infrastructure and building systems.  Lead project programming and design effort for all new construction, renovation and/or modernization projects to include but not limited to the procurement and management of professional service consultants.  Lead and manage the construction phase of all new, renovation and/or modernization projects.  Assist in the relocation of University organizations and act as a liaison to assist organization in obtaining other campus services (e.g. information technology, security, janitorial, etc.) and/or the procurement of furniture, fixture, and equipment.

Technological Support (Sudduth)

Will provide insight, direction, and support into new education technology resources and best practices for teaching and learning, along with design support of learning spaces for technology and audio/visual tools in those spaces.

Student Recruiting/Marketing (Herring)

Will apply an enrollment integrated marketing communications lens for all things designed for prospective and incoming students (and their influencers) across all channels: print, web, text, email, phone and events. Enrollment Management (EM) will take the lead for the recruitment of all students (online, graduate, summer, etc.) and convene an EM committee to integrate previously isolated university enrollment (advertising, promotion, PR, search, recruitment events) efforts. EM will also share a common recruitment language/protocol that any UIS community member can use to be an ever-ready enrollment ambassador.  Finally, EM will provide guidance regarding program enrollment goal-setting and the intersection of orientation and bridge programs.

Catalog and Registration Support (Clevenger)

Will serve as a resource for questions related to the online catalog, registration, and any other matters pertaining to the Office of Records and Registration.  In doing so, will provide assistance to all those involved in the academic reorganization process.

UIS Website Management Support (Decker)

Will collaborate with the Director of Web Services on reorganizing the current website/navigation; and will provide support and guidance for the creation of new content, new structure and navigation for improved user experience.