Type of Fund
Gift Fund
Designation Use
Business and Management
The net income from this fund shall be used to supplement the funding of a faculty position at UIS, to be known as the "Ameren Professorship in Business and Government Fund" and to provide for the payment of certain expenses in connection with the Professorship. The University of Illinois shall appoint and designate the individual who will hold and occupy the Professorship from time to time. The University may, but shall not be required to, reappoint the same individual to as many successive terms in the Professorship as the University deems appropriate. In appointing to the Professorship it is recommended that the University of Illinois select an individual who, in addition to possessing the other qualifications for a professorial appointment, has expertise and academic abilities regarding public policy issues as they affect the free enterprise system. It is desired and expected that organizationally the Professorship will be in the College of Business and Management, but if for any reason the current instructional and research functions of said College in the field of business and public affairs are transferred to another organizational unit of the University, then the Professorship may be in such other unit. The net income from the Fund shall not be used to relieve the University of Illinois from providing at least the University's established minimum salary for professors to any holder of the professorship, but may be used to supplement such salary and to provide additional support for the holder of the Professorship, in such amounts as the University of Illinois may determine from time to time. In addition, the net income from the Fund may be applied for the payment of expenses directly related to the Professorship, such as expense of recruitment and identification of appointees or prospective appointees to the Professorship; moving expenses of appointees to the Professorship; secretarial services and other assistance for the current appointee to the Professorship; and special equipment, supplies and travel allowances related to the work of the current appointee to the Professorship, all as may be determined and approved from time to time by the University of Illinois