In order to receive interpretive services through the Office of Disability Services (ODS) at the University of Illinois Springfield, a student MUST be registered with ODS. If a student’s accommodation plan established through Disability Services includes provision of an Interpreter or CART Reporter:

  1. ALL Interpreters and CART Reporters, including substitutes, MUST be hired and scheduled through the Office of Disability Services (except as indicated in #3 below). ODS has a pool of Interpreters and CART Reporters that has completed required employment application materials, been approved for hire as an Interpreter or CART Reporter at UIS, and is eligible to be paid through the UIS payroll system. If you prefer a specific Interpreter or CART Reporter in the pool, you may request that individual by contacting Disability Services at 217-206-6666. ODS will attempt to accommodate student requests for specific Interpreters and CART Reporters, pending their availability during the student’s scheduled classes.
  2. If you need a substitute Interpreter or CART Reporter, call the Office of Disability Services at 217-206- 6666 to request a substitute. Please inform ODS as soon as possible of your need for a substitute.
  3. If you obtain your own Interpreter or CART Reporter that is not a part of the ODS pool, you will be responsible for paying that individual. Disability Services will not pay Interpreters or CART Reporters that have not submitted the required employment application materials and have not been approved for hire by ODS.
  4. If you have an Interpreter or CART Reporter that you would recommend be added to the ODS pool, please discuss this with the Director of Disability Services. Be aware that a new Interpreter or CART Reporter cannot begin work until all of the required employment procedures and hiring processes have been completed through ODS.
  5. If you add or drop a class, please notify Disability Services immediately. Your informing Disability Services of changes in your course schedule will enable the office to: (a) make arrangements for an additional Interpreter or CART Reporter, if you have added a class, or (b) be aware of the potential availability of the Interpreter or CART Reporter for other students, if you have dropped a class.
  6. If you will be missing a class, please give your Interpreter or CART Reporter sufficient advance notice or notify Disability Services in advance so ODS can inform your Interpreter or CART Reporter of your anticipated absence from class. If you fail to attend class for scheduled Interpreters or CART Reporters three times without canceling in advance, your scheduled accommodations will be reviewed.
  7. Each semester, students using Interpreters and/or CART Reporters will read the Policies and Procedures Related to Use of Interpreters and CART Reporters and sign an agreement form with ODS, verifying that they have read and agree to follow the policies and procedures.

Questions regarding these policies and procedures may be addressed by contacting the Director of Disability Services at 217-206-6666.