Initiating testing accommodations is the responsibility of the student.

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) offers exam accommodations for students who are officially registered with ODS. Each student will be given an individualized testing plan for each course in which they are enrolled. This plan will include any ODS approved exam accommodations such as: extended time on exams, quiet, distraction free space for exams, computers for written exams, readers, and scribes. There will also be alternative formats available for the student’s exams.

With the permission of the professor and appropriate, approved documentation, alternate testing methods will be offered. For example, if a student has a learning disability and has short term memory loss, a different type of test such as multiple choice may be helpful rather than an essay exam. Please note, no alternate testing style will be given unless approved by ODS and the professor.

If a student misses an exam: Rescheduling of exams is the responsibility of the student and should be initiated by the student in consultation with the faculty member, with the faculty member approving the rescheduling of the exam.

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