Brookens Library allows use of its display case, lower level lounge and other special use areas for University sponsored displays, events and activities that do not disrupt the normal use of the Library. The display case is located on the Main level of the library. Brookens Library adheres to the University of Illinois Springfield's Access and Equal Opportunity policy in making determinations concerning the use of display and special use areas. The following general guidelines apply:

  • Events or displays may be scheduled only by persons affiliated with the University of Illinois Springfield.
  • Library functions and displays will take precedence and the library reserves the right to deny any activity or display.
  • Setting up and taking down any needed equipment or furniture is the responsibility of the person(s) using the area or display case.
  • In case of cancellation, the library should be notified as soon as possible.


  • All special events must be scheduled and approved through the Library Dean's office, phone number (217) 206-6597.
  • Any food and food service should be arranged through UIS Food Services, or employ the Food Service Waiver.
  • It is recommended that groups request use at least one week in advance of the planned event.
  • All events must be held within the normal working hours of the Library.
  • Fund raising activities will not be allowed unless sponsored by UIS.
  • Prior permission must be obtained from the Dean's office before rearranging furniture. Users will also be responsible for any damage or cleaning above normal wear and tear.


  • Display requests are handled by the Library Dean’s office, phone number (217) 206-6597.
  • Displays should be educational in nature and have a visual impact.
  • Preference will be given to displays that integrate or highlight library resources.
  • Individuals or organizations will be allowed one request per school year (August - July).
  • Display requests should be received at least two months in advance, but cannot be scheduled more than four months prior to the desired dates.
  • Displays will be scheduled for a two-week period; if further time is wanted an extension may be requested depending on the availability of the display case.

Any violation of the above guidelines may result in an organization losing use of the special area or display case.

Approved by Library Cabinet, 13 June 2018

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