The university and the library are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations surrounding the use of information including copyright laws and the provisions regarding copyright in The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).  While complying with existing laws and regulation, the library believes in vigorously defending the exceptions within these laws for education, scholarship, and the advancement of knowledge as these and the ethical use of information are critical to the educational, research, and public service mission of the university. 

The primary purpose of the policy and related links to additional information is to aid faculty, staff, and students in understating the applicable laws and developing guidelines for use of materials within the institution. To that end information on copyright has been organized into the following areas:

What Can I Use?

What Are My Rights?

Brookens Library’s Director of Collections and Scholarly Communications is available to answer questions about this policy and assist you in. The Director Collections and Scholarly Communications can assist you in answering questions about this policy, regarding copyright, completing a fair use analysis, obtaining the information you need to answer your copyright questions, and related issues, but they cannot and will not offer legal advice.

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