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Dalal Mohammed Bamufleh
Management Information Systems

Dalal Mohammed Bamufleh graduated with a master’s degree in Management Information Systems in 2018 and is now teaching Management Information Systems at Yanbu University College.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

This is Dalal Mohammed Bamufleh. I am from Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. I graduated from UIS in 2018 with a MS in MIS. Currently, I am working at Yanbu University College as a lecturer, where I teach Management Information Systems and operations management courses. Last year, I was in charge of planning and development on the college campus. I am also a mother of three children: two daughters and one son.

What is the degree you obtained/you will obtain at UIS and the year of graduation?

I obtained a MS in MIS in 2018.

What kind of projects and courses did you take during your graduate studies that increased your interest in research?

I believe every course has many areas to be explored through research. Also, I believe that learning is a cumulative process where students gain a piece of knowledge from every course to form the areas where they are interested in. Not to mention that sometimes, professors’ passion for their research interests are contagious to students. However, some courses at UIS increased my interest in doing research such as MIS 577, MIS 452, MIS 523, MIS 568, and MIS 584.

Can you tell us more about your experience working with faculty members at UIS in research?

Actually, the story started in the first class of MIS 577, which is Design/Research Methods, where the professor, Roya Gholami, introduced herself and talked with full passion about research and how it opens opportunities for students to improve their knowledge and skills, and how it could gather many researchers from different places of the world who share the same concern of answering same research questions.

After that class, we decided that we wanted to write and publish a paper, and it happens. Besides MIS 577 class, we used to visit Professor Roya in her office to discuss the next steps in writing the paper, and she was very generous with her time and experience to guide us.

Also, there were some presentations that took place at UIS, where professors who published or would publish a paper presented the main contents of their papers there. I used to attend these sessions because they motivated me, and I remember myself marking my calendar not to miss them.

It was one of the unique and extraordinary experiences I had at UIS. I want to take this opportunity to thank my professors at UIS, who taught not from the book only, who believe in their students, and used to encourage them to be open for new ideas and more achievements. Thank you very much, and I am looking forward to having more collaborative work with you.

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