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Nathan Blasioli
Nathan Blasioli
Athletic Trainer
Master of Athletic Training

Career Highlights

I am currently working for a a company called Neurotour. During my time I have been the athletic trainer on multiple performances. I am currently working in Europe on the Disney Aladdin The Musical UK and Ireland Tour. Before this I was on the North American Tour of Aladdin where I traveled all over the US and Canada.


My hobbies include traveling. In the past year I was able to travel to 20 different states and 6 different countries. With a trip to Greece and Switzerland coming up next month.

What is your fondest memory of UIS?

One of my fondest memories of UIS was one of the first week I was there. Watching the St Louis blues hockey team win game 7 of the Stanley cup finals. The instructors Celest and Allen invited the students to watch the game together (there were only 3 students at the time). That immediately got me loving UIS. The fact they actually cared about the students and we weren't just nameless students.

How has your UIS education prepared you for your current career?

UIS was the perfect school for me in preparing me for what I am doing now. The curriculum gave me the knowledge and the instructors showed me how to use it in a real world situation. I would not be where I am today without the program so I will always be grateful to UIS.

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