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Josh Friedman
Josh K Friedman, DPA (2022 Cohort)
Doctoral Fellow
Doctor of Public Administration

Hometown: Springfield, Illinois

Undergraduate Institution and Major: University of Illinois at Springfield, Bachelor of Psychology (Clinical and Counseling)

Graduate Institution and Major: University of South Carolina, Master of Arts, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Bio: When Josh began his Master's program in Criminology, he had intended to continue in academia and pursue a career in research in the field of Criminology. However, after working as an intern with the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, Child Fatality Unit, he decided to become a law enforcement officer to apply his passion for justice and gain first-hand knowledge of the field that would later lend credibility and perspective to future research. Josh spent the next 10 years as a patrol officer at 3 very different agencies across the country. He began his career in the small town of West Columbia, SC. He spent 4 plus years in Arvada, CO, then another 3 plus years in Springfield, IL, working as a patrol officer in each city. His passion for justice never lapsed during that time, frequently advocating for victims and ensuring offenders were held accountable within the criminal justice system. During his decade in law enforcement, Josh witnessed, first hand, the successes, and shortcomings of the criminal justice system, law enforcement agencies, and individual officers. Josh has become an advocate for improving law enforcement to include enhanced recruitment and retention, access to evidence-based training, and mental and emotional support for police officers. He believes that affecting these changes can lead to positive impacts within law enforcement and officers' engagement with the community. Josh joined UIS to be a part of his vision of positive change within law enforcement. While a part of the DPA program, Josh continues to serve as a part-time police officer. 


Relevant Experience: Josh is currently working as a DPA research fellow with the Illinois State Board of Education as they implement new training at several school districts within Illinois to reduce disproportionate expulsions and suspensions of minority students through the use of empathic discipline. He has also served as a research assistant while earning his master's degree, interviewing prisoners regarding their abusive childhoods and current self-injurious behaviors. He brings over 10 years of law enforcement experience and insight where he was certified in Crisis Intervention and Peer Support. 

Research Interests: Law Enforcement recruitment and training, police officer resilience, critical incident and trauma response in policing, reducing burnout and attrition in law enforcement, leadership and line level law enforcement discord, police response to and treatment of vulnerable victims, particularly domestic violence and child abuse.

Professional Affiliations: Illinois Basic Law Enforcement Certification 2017, formerly P.O.S.T. certified in Colorado 2013 and South Carolina Basic Law Enforcement 2012.