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IIPF Research Fellow Presents Paper on Citizen Satisfaction Surveys and Quantitative Data Analysis Techniques at 2019 American Society for Public Administration Conference

IIPF Research Fellow Dr. Arwi Kriz presented a paper on citizen satisfaction surveys and more quantitative data analysis techniques at the 2019 American Society for Public Administration conference. In the presentation, Dr. Kriz assessed the usefulness of various tools for helping support performance-based budgeting (PBB) systems in state and local governments. These systems attempt to allocate resources based on the relative performance of different functions of government. In the first step in her research, Dr. Kriz develops a Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) of health, education and other expenditures in a sample of countries, developing efficiency scores for those governments in providing services. She then correlates the efficiency scores with measures of citizen satisfaction with public services from two international surveys. She finds that her measures of overall efficiency as well as component efficiency indices are correlated with certain aspects of the citizen surveys. This suggests that quantitative methods such as DEA provide valid measures of efficiency that can be used by governments to adjust their performance-based budget allocations.

The presentation is available on the Academic Papers & Presentations page.