Priyanka Deo
Publish Date

The following story was published by BNN Breaking on March 25, 2024.

High school students in Springfield, Illinois, are about to embark on a transformative educational journey. The University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) and Innovate Springfield have joined forces to create a high-tech lab and course designed to ignite the innovative spirit in young minds. This collaboration aims to bridge the chasm between academia and real-world application, offering students a unique opportunity to translate their ideas into tangible products.

Nestled within the Innovate Springfield building, the lab will be a hive of technological marvels. It will house CNC machines, laser cutters, and a host of other advanced equipment that will enable students to bring their product ideas to life. The lab is set to open its doors to students from the Capital Area Career Center in August, marking a significant milestone in the region's educational landscape.

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