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The following article was published by The State Journal-Register on March 24, 2024.

In an age where artificial intelligence is reshaping industries from healthcare to finance, the University of Illinois Springfield stands at the forefront of educational innovation.

By integrating AI across its curriculum, UIS breaks the mold of traditional tech-centric programs, extending its reach to all academic fields, including the liberal arts.

This strategy not only prepares students for the AI-driven world but also places UIS as a beacon of interdisciplinary learning. Imagine a future where AI not only powers machines but also enhances human creativity and decision-making across every sector. UIS is not just imagining this future; it's actively building it...

...Jessica Baumberger is the director of web and digital strategy at the University of Illinois Springfield. She is a web developer and IT professional with 17 years of experience in designing, architecting and coding websites.

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