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A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report found 201,000 Illinoisans left their jobs in August alone.

But here in Sangamon County, the unemployment rate went from 5.9% in August to 4.9% the next month.

People working in the local job market say things have gotten much better, but we still have a long way to go.

Dr. Kenneth Kriz, a Public Administration professor at University of Illinois Springfield, says the unemployment rate doesn’t necessarily capture the whole picture.

“People in the labor force are either employed or not employed but looking for work, so that won’t capture people who have left the labor force and really don’t intend to come back,“ said Dr. Kriz.

Dr. Kriz says the upside to this is people who do want to work have plenty of options.

One downside Dr.Kriz mentioned is businesses could start raising prices to offer sign on bonuses and better pay to employees.

This story aired on WICS Newschannel 20 on Nov. 10, 2021.

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