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When we think of community gardens, what usually comes to mind is a juicy strawberry or a tomato plucked fresh from the vine. While home-grown local produce is delightful, also keep in mind that community gardens function as a nexus of community. They are places to meet and get to know others with similar interests, to make connections and get involved in other community groups and events.

The UIS Campus Community Garden provides hands-on learning opportunities for UIS students, faculty and staff, as well as members of the surrounding community. The garden demonstrates the school's commitment to sustainability and "leadership lived." The UIS garden is a true communal garden; the students plant and tend everything, and community members are welcome to help and harvest at any time.

This is an outdoor classroom where community members teach one another, share gardening tips and secrets and build lasting relationships. Participants cultivate fresh produce, build relationships and work to make our food system more sustainable. Barbecues, social events and weekly work days are offered during the gardening season.

This information was shared in an Illinois Times article on March 17, 2022. Read it here.