Publish Date

Taxation in Utopia: Required Sacrifice and the General Welfare

Forthcoming by SUNY Press, September 2020

University of Illinois Springfield Professor Emeritus of Accountancy, Donald Morris, will be releasing his new book “Taxation in Utopia: Required Sacrifice and the General Welfare” published by SUNY Press in September 2020. Visit the book’s website at

Donald is the author of several books, including “Tax Cheating: Illegal—But Is It Immoral?”  He was a Silver Award Winner in the 2012 ForeWord Book of the Year in the Political Science Category, and a Category Finalist in the 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Awards, presented by Hopewell Publications.

​SUNY Press has released an endorsement and summary of the upcoming book on its website at 

“An interdisciplinary exploration of utopian political philosophy from the neglected perspective of taxation”

To read more about Don Morris and his works please visit his website at