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Arwi (Arwiphawee Srithongrung) Kriz, DPA
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Springfield

Dissertation: "The impact of state capital budget and management programs on state capital budget decisions and economic performance"

Bio: Dr. Arwi Kriz (formerly Arwiphawee Srithongrung) is a Visiting Research Fellow in Center for State Policy and Leadership, University of Illinois-Springfield. Dr. Srithongrung-Kriz received her Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) from University of Illinois-Springfield.  Prior to joining Illinois Institute of Public Finance, she was an Associate Professor (with Tenure) at Wichita State University (2013-2018) and University of Nebraska- Omaha (2006-2013).  Dr. Srithongrung-Kriz has expertise in public budgeting and finance, fiscal policies, economic growth, and performance measurement. Her publications appear in Journal of Policy Analysis and ManagementPublic Budgeting & FinanceJournal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial ManagementInternational Journal of Economics and Financial IssuesInternational Journal of Public AdministrationInternational Public Management ReviewJournal of Public Works, Management, and Policies, and Research in Public Policy Analysis.  Dr. Srithongrung-Kriz also published two textbooks, Essential Skills in Analyzing Public Budget and Public Capital Management and Budgeting.  In addition to teaching and research experiences, Dr. Kriz assists state and local governments in several consulting projects including City of Omaha’s revenue forecast, State of Nebraska’s charitable tax credit analysis, State of Kansas’s Food sale tax analysis and City of Wichita’s creative class and income growth.