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The Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) has identified 541 student-athletes across 13 eligible member institutions who have earned the GLVC Council of Presidents' Academic Excellence Award. Twenty Prairie Stars represented their teams by earning this career award.

The recipients of the GLVC Council of Presidents' Academic Excellence Award exemplify the outstanding student-athletes in the GLVC. Each honoree has exhausted his or her eligibility in the intercollegiate sport in which they participated and maintained at least a 3.5 grade point average throughout their academic career.

In addition, to be eligible for the award, the student-athlete must have competed in the GLVC for a minimum of two years and completed 96 credit hours. A student-athlete can only earn the distinguished honor one time in their career.

Clark Morgan of the UIS baseball team was one of 24 GLVC student-athletes who concluded their collegiate career with a 4.0 cumulative GPA.

Council of Presidents' Academic Excellence Award Winners
Clark Morgan, Baseball, Illinois Springfield 
Jacob Newman, Baseball, Illinois Springfield  
Gavin Wahlbrink, Baseball, Illinois Springfield 
TJ Yakimisky, Baseball, Illinois Springfield 
Jason Bergstrom, Men's Basketball, Illinois Springfield  
Yamani Shareef, Men's Basketball, Illinois Springfield 
Ella Mann, Women's Basketball, Illinois Springfield  
Liz Uhl, Women's Basketball, Illinois Springfield 
Kelsie Burrows, Softball, Illinois Springfield 
Sophie Margelot, Softball, Illinois Springfield 
Drew Keller, Men's Soccer, Illinois Springfield  
Luke Ridley, Men's Soccer, Illinois Springfield  
Brian Riordan, Men's Soccer, Illinois Springfield 
Matthew Lapsley, Men's Tennis, Illinois Springfield 
Rafa Rojas, Men's Tennis, Illinois Springfield 
Franca Bucco, Women's Tennis, Illinois Springfield 
Sina Skjelstad, Women's Tennis, Illinois Springfield 
Amanda McConnell, Volleyball, Illinois Springfield 
Marta Perez Tapia, Volleyball, Illinois Springfield 
Ericka Snopko, Volleyball, Illinois Springfield 

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