Security cameras will be used in a professional and ethical manner in accordance with university policy and local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Requesting Security Cameras

To request a security camera for your department, please review the following information regarding the costs as well as the UIS Camera Policy. If you would like to request a security camera for your department, please contact the UIS Campus Police at for approval.

There are two types of cost, the onetime purchase of necessary items and the optional ongoing yearly cost of storage.

One time costs:

  • Cost of camera – ranges from $500 to $2500
  • Software license – $145
  • A work order will need to be submitted to Facilities and Services for mounting
  • $200 installation charge for an active network port, if needed

Ongoing costs:

  • Storage fee – ITS will store 30 days of recordings at no cost (at a resolution of 720p/H264 codec). If the department requires longer-term storage, there will be a monthly charge per GB.

[Note: Prices are subject to change.]