Information Technology Services provides a diverse set of technology services and solutions in support of academic and administrative functions. Most services are provided at no cost to the current faculty, staff, and students; however there are circumstances where a fee may be applied.

Network and Telecommunication Services

A communications faceplate can support network, and telephone up to a maximum of four services per faceplate. One communications faceplate with connection for network service and one basic voicemail box are provided at no cost. Additional fees are listed below:

  • Communications faceplate, $200 installation charge for 1st service. $50 installation charge for each additional service on the same faceplate to a maximum of four services per faceplate.
  • Additional service added to an existing faceplate: $200 for 1st service, $50 for each additional service to a maximum of four services per faceplate.
  • Long Distance Calls (average rates) – within the state or state-to-state, 6.5 cents/minute, international, varies by country called.
  • AT&T® Directory Assistance Calls – $1.99/call, AT&T® operator assistance rates apply.
  • Analog Telephone Line – $17.25/month
  • IP Telephone Line – $17.25/month

Monthly fees are not pro-rated. The full monthly fee is assessed for any portion of a month in which the service is utilized.

Other Services

Please contact the ITS Client Services Help Desk to find out how we can help support your event. Availability and fees will be provided during consultation of the events needs.