Information Technology Services works with the university community as a whole and, specifically, with technology-focused units across the campus to identify strategies, emerging technologies, standards, infrastructure, and services in support of the UIS mission, vision, and strategic plan.

The Academic Technology Committee

The Academic Technology Committee shall review policies involving academic computing and other technological services and work with other committees and groups within the campus community to monitor budget and planning implications of developments in this rapidly changing area.

The Committee shall consist of two faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, one faculty member each from the other degree-granting Colleges and the Departments of Management Information Systems and Computer Science, one library representative (faculty,academic professional, or civil service), one civil service staff person, one academic professional, and one student. Ex-officio members are the Associate Provost for Information Technology, the Director of the Office of Educational Technology, the Director of the Center for Online Learning, Research and Service, the Director of the Office of Web Services, the Director of the Office of Electronic Media, the Director of the Office of Registration and Records and other administrators as the Committee deems appropriate and reports to the Senate.

Academic Technology Committee

The Provost's Team

The Provost Team provides oversight, addresses resource allocation and policy issues, and assists in the establishment of information technology priorities. Membership consists of Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education, Associate Provost for Budget & Administrative Planning, Associate Vice Chancellor for Online Learning, Administrative Assistant to the Provost, and Associate Provost for IT & CIO.

The Dean's Council

The Dean’s Council provides advice and counsel to the Provost and Information Technology Services regarding the educational aspects of information technology and its support at UIS. Membership consists of the Deans, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, Associate Vice Chancellors, Executive Director of the Center for State Policy and Leadership, and Associate Provost/Director of Business & Financial Analysis.

ITS Management Team

The ITS Management Team consists of the Associate Provost & CIO, the Business/Administrative Associate, the Assistant Directors of Client Services, Network Services, and Enterprise Applications, and the managers of Technology Support Center and Infrastructure Services. The team meets each week to resolve issues, set directions and priorities, and to review projects.