As a member of the UIS Community, there are several options available for file sharing and storage. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. Please refer to the following information when trying to decide which tool is right for you, and contact ITS Client Services with questions.

Storage Solutions @ UIS

BoxGoogle DriveOne DriveKaltura
Login |
File size limit2GB5TB10GB10GB
Software ClientYesYesYesNo
Mobile AppYesYesYesNo
Live CollaborationYesYesYesNo
Backup and SyncingYesYesYesNo
Department StorageYesNoNoNo
AuthenticationThrough UIS CredentialsThrough UIS CredentialsThrough UIS CredentialsThrough UIS Credentials
Search FunctionalityYesYesYesYes
Where is Data StoredUS, non-UIS Data CenterWorldwide, non-UIS Data CenterWorldwide, non-UIS Data CenterWorldwide, non-UIS Data Center
BenefitsAccess anywhere, sync, collaborationAccess anywhere, sync, collaboration, integration with G-SuiteAccess anywhere, sync, collaboration, integration with Office 365Media Storage-integrates with UIS tools for easy upload and tracking
Appropriate file typesStandard used file types - Full List from BoxStandard used file types - Full List from GoogleStandard used file types - Full List from OneDriveStandard MultiMedia Files - Full List from Kaltura
Security*FERPA ReadyFERPA ReadyFERPA Ready 
EncryptionEncrypted at rest and in transitEncrypted at rest and in transitEncrypted at rest and in transitEncrypted at rest and in transit

While you can use external storage for saving and sharing data, this process is highly discouraged as it is not a secure method. If this is the method you are currently using, please contact the ITS Client Services, or (217) 206-6000, to discuss how to secure your data.

The use of these cloud storage tools for storing or sharing highly restricted data is forbidden. This class of data includes information that has legal requirements or financial penalties concerning its disclosure, such as SSNs, export controlled data, health information, credit card numbers, etc. For more information about FERPA, see the University of Illinois System’s webpage on FERPA and Compliance.


Which is the best tool for storing department files?

Box is currently the only tool that provides the creation of a department folder, allowing you to save files in a department folder rather than in a personal folder.

Which tools encrypt my files as they are uploaded to the cloud?

Box is currently the only tool that encrypts files as they are uploaded.

Which tool should I use for my course-related files?

Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive are all appropriate for course-related files.

What happens to my files when I leave UIS?

Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive all have options available for creating personal accounts. When you leave UIS, you are responsible for moving your personal files to a personal-cloud storage solution as you will no longer be able to access these tools by logging in with your NetID and password. Ownership of UIS-related files should be transferred to a UIS colleague for continued sharing. UIS-related files should NOT be stored on a personal account.

My department is working on our Business Continuity Plan. Which tool should we use?

Because it offers encryption and department folders, Box is the best tool for storing files for your Business Continuity Plan.

I would like my students to create introduction videos for our online course so we can get to know each other. How should I have them share these videos?

Kaltura is the solution for hosting all video-based projects.  No matter what format they are recorded in, Kaltura converts them and allows them to be played across all platforms and devices. No need to download videos to watch; they are hosted on Kaltura and students can view them through a browser.

I am currently backing up my files on an external hard drive. Is that the best solution for me?

Box Sync is recommended for backing up files stored locally on your hard drive. Taking advantage of the Box Sync feature allows you to work with files locally on your computer while automating the process of storing a copy of those files on Box.

Data Backup

Information Technology Services runs routine backups on the servers housed in the UIS Data Centers. However, ITS does not run any backups of employee's desktop or laptop computers. ITS encourages employees to take advantage of one of the cloud storage solutions offered to employees as a backup location. Please refer to the chart above to select the service that best fits you.

Other backup mediums such as external hard drives, flash drives, or other removable medium are good for secondary backup media that can be taken to a secure location on an incremental basis.

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