Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for the planning, management, and direction of technology initiatives in support of both academic and administrative operations at UIS.

ITS provides the campus community a diverse set of technology services including development, monitoring, and maintenance of the campus data network, telephone system, computer systems and servers, computer labs, and smart classrooms.


Instructional Services

Computer Labs

UIS faculty, students, and staff have access to state-of the-art computing facilities, including the open access computer lab in the University Hall Building (UHB 2000) and the multimedia lab on the first level of Brookens (BRK 180). In addition, there are a large number of computers available for general use in Brookens Library. Read more about Computer Labs.

Lab and Classroom Services

The ITS Lab and Classroom Services Team maintains the equipment in smart classrooms and computer labs and assists faculty and students with the use of available technologies. Training sessions are offered throughout the semester and one-on-one help is offered by appointment. Various support services are offered which enhance student learning and instructor pedagogy. Support services for utilizing classroom technologies extend into the evening hours. ITS Staff are available for assisting with trouble-shooting problems that may arise. Read more about Labs and Classroom Services.

Media Services Support

Media Services resources include, but are not limited to, the multimedia computer lab, distance education learning rooms, and an audio editing suite for faculty use. Additionally, the Media Services staff manages the inventory and checkout services for equipment such as digital cameras, tripods, video cameras, and laptops.

Software WebStore

The Software Webstore is available to purchase software products using a Banner account, VISA, or MasterCard. Most software products obtained through the Software WebStore can be immediately downloaded and installed. All UIS students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive significant discounts on over one hundred software applications. Visit the Software WebStore.

Technology Training

Training, support, and consultation are available to faculty, staff, and students on the use of current, new, and emerging university-wide technology. This includes the Microsoft Office Suite, NetOps, and much more.

Instructional Support and Training

In an effort to encourage the successful integration of technology into the university experience, the Instructional Support and Training (ISAT) team provides training, support, and production services for faculty, students, and staff on a variety of technologies.

Learning Management System

ITS maintains and supports the Canvas Learning System for online and on-campus course management. The system provides students access to course materials and communication tools 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Course sites are automatically created in Canvas based on Banner course information and made available on the first day of classes.

Lecture Capture

Classroom capture technologies enable instructors to record lectures for web streaming. This technology captures instructors’ lectures and any material shown on the computer or the document camera. Recorded sessions can then be posted on Canvas or the web for students to view. Additionally, ITS has launched Kaltura Capture that allows faculty to easily capture, record audio and screen, and publish lectures from on-campus or off-campus. To use Kaltura Capture, you do not need any special hardware other than a microphone. Read more about Lecture Capture and Kaltura Capture.

Smart Classrooms

Nearly all classrooms at UIS are technology-enhanced, equipped with technologies to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Smart classroom equipment includes a network PC, data projector, document camera, interactive whiteboard, DVD/VCR player, and a touch screen that allows you to control all of the equipment in the room


In collaboration with the Office of Electronic Media, ITS offers webcasting services for campus events and classroom lectures. Events such as graduation, athletics, festivals, and various workshops/symposiums have been broadcast across the Internet using Flash, QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media formats. Most webcasts are archived and can be accessed as video on demand (VOD). Read more about Webcasting.

ITS Client Services

ITS Client Service Center / Help Desk

The ITS Client Services Center provides technology help desk services to the campus community. ITS Client Services will answer and record trouble calls (cases), assign appropriate severity levels, and route cases as needed to appropriate subject matter experts.

Workstation Support

As part of the ITS Client Services Center, the Workstation Support Team installs and upgrades software and hardware for most workstations on campus. The Workstation Support Team also reviews and recommends new software and hardware for departmental purchases as well as for the Desktop Refresh Program.

Network Communications

Campus Network

The UIS campus network provides data connections for workstations, wireless access, and voice over IP to the campus over an ethernet gigabyte backbone. Firewalls and traffic shaping appliances protect and expedite data coming into campus and going out to the Internet.

Wireless Network

UIS was the first public university in Illinois to implement wireless networking throughout its campus. The wireless network is available in all student apartments and residence halls, in recreational facilities, such as the gymnasium and TRAC, and in outdoor “gathering spots” like the HSB plaza and the Cafeteria patio. Read more about Wireless Network

Inter campus Communication Network

The University of Illinois owns and operates the Intercampus Communications Network (ICCN). The ICCN links the University’s three campuses to each other and to research networks and peer universities at very high speed.

UIS - Alert Campus Emergency Notification System

UIS-Alert sends email and text messages in the event of a campus emergency or significant event. UIS faculty, staff, and students are signed up to receive messages from UIS-Alert when they setup their password. You can also enroll two additional contacts to receive alert messages by entering their email addresses. They will receive an invitation email from UIS-Alert and can choose to accept or deny your invitation. In addition, they can also enter their own phone number to receive text message alerts from UIS-Alert. Sign-in to the UIS-Alert Emergency Notification System

Voice over Internet Protocol

Most telephones on campus are voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones using the campus data network for voice traffic. The phones are integrated with the Exchange email system, allowing users to receive voice messages in their email inbox and to play them back from any computer with Internet access and audio player software

Enterprise System


The ITS Banner Support team provides coordination and continuity between the UIS campus and the University’s central enterprise systems support organizations. The team also supports campus administrative and college units, faculty, and students in their use of UI-Integrate/Banner and related student systems. Read more about Banner Support