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ITS is dedicated to keeping both the University’s data and its users safe from cyber threats. We’re here to help protect our campuses data, personal information, research, devices, and more.

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For general security questions/support

Consultation, advisement, resources, and outreach on all non-emergency matters related to cybersecurity.*

Email your questions to

To report spam, phishing, or email abuse

Report unsolicited emails such as phishing attacks and unwanted spam

Follow the instructions on our reporting email abuse page.

For a cyber security emergency, incident, or breach

Consultation, advisement, and reporting on cybersecurity emergencies, incidents, or breaches.

Visit the Cybersecurity Operations Center page.

Additional Help



Contact Method

Lost Password, Reset Password

NetID Center or ITS Help Desk

Compromised Account, Virus/Malware

ITS Help Desk

(217) 206-6000 or

Laptops, Phones, or Tablets Stolen on Campus

UIS Police Department

(217) 206-6690

Spam, Phishing, or Email Abuse not related to the University of Illinois

Anti-Phishing Working Group

Physical Threats, Illegal Activities

UIS Police Department

(217) 206-7777 or 911

*This offering includes non-emergency consultation requests, cybersecurity planning, security policy support, compliance guidance, security engineering requests, feedback gathering, tools maintenance, cybersecurity resource support, and other non-emergency cybersecurity-related requests.

If you have a question or concerns about security please email UIS Information Security.