Information Technology Services offers equipment loans for academic projects and initiatives. With laptops, MiFis, digital cameras, camcorders, tablet PCs, and video projectors, the UIS community has technology resources available to check out and use for their academic needs.

Included below is a list of the equipment that members of the University community [with approval] may check out from ITS Client Services [lower level of Brookens Library, BRK 180].

Equipment Available to UIS Students/Staff/Faculty

  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Video Camcorders
  • Microphones
  • Tripods
  • Windows Laptops
  • MiFis
  • Voice Recorders
  • Kensington Remotes
  • iPads (Faculty only)
  • Macintosh Laptops
    (Faculty only)

Checkout Procedures

Faculty, staff, and students may come to ITS Client Services [BRK 180] to checkout equipment. Off-campus networking arrangements and special requests must be arranged by Jason Noyes [206-7837] prior to checkout. Depending on availability, arrangements can be made to reserve the equipment.

When checking out equipment, users will be asked to provide a valid I-Card and complete and sign a checkout form indicating the date and time of checkout and return.

The maximum checkout period is 7 days for all devices except for laptops. Laptops are checked out for 14 days and require a one week break between check outs. If you have reserved equipment and do not pick it up by the originally scheduled time, the equipment will become available for other users on an as-needed basis.

Late fees will be incurred if the equipment is not returned on time. If you are unable to return the equipment on the due date, immediately contact a Media Lab Supervisor [206-6550].

User Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for all of the equipment in the case [including the manual]. The equipment is inspected when returned.
  • You are responsible for providing your own recording media such as an SD Card.
  • The fine for late equipment is $10.00 per day with a potential loss of equipment loan privileges, regardless of who checks it out. If you need an extension, come in or call us at 217-206-6000.
  • Loss or damage to the equipment during checkout is the financial responsibility of the person in whose name it is checked out.
  • Equipment should not be exposed to adverse conditions.
  • If you have not received training by class instruction, and have no prior experience with the equipment, you must receive training from a Media Lab employee before leaving the Media Lab with the equipment. Training may be done either in groups for campus classes with specific assignment needs, or individually by appointment.

Student Laptop Checkout

Students may check out a Windows laptop from ITS Client Services [BRK 180]. Patrons will need to provide a valid I-Card upon checkout and return and assume the following responsibilities:

  • I agree to assume full responsibility for equipment and peripherals and must comply with the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policies
  • I understand equipment can only be checked out by currently enrolled UIS students, faculty, and staff and used only by the borrowers. Patrons who have fines or suspended borrowing privileges are ineligible to use this service.
  • I agree that the equipment will be used for University of Illinois academic purposes only. If evidence suggests that equipment is being improperly used, penalties (including suspension of privileges) will be invoked.
  • I agree to sign the initial Equipment Borrower’s Agreement and present a valid I-Card during the equipment borrowing process.
  • I understand equipment will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They cannot be reserved ahead of time.
  • I am responsible for making sure that the equipment is in working order and without physical damage when it is checked out.
  • I will under no circumstances leave equipment unattended.
  • I understand ITS will not be responsible for a lost or stolen equipment even when it is used in the Computer Lab(s).
  • I agree that I assume full responsibility and fiscal liability for all costs associated with damage to the equipment or its associated peripherals during the period it is checked out or its replacement costs should it be lost or stolen.
  • I am aware that it is my responsibility to return the equipment on or prior to the assigned day and time. If equipment is due on a day where the campus is closed (i.e. holiday, inclement weather, etc.), it will be due the next following day of business. If equipment will be late, I will contact ITS Client Services (217-206-6000) to make arrangements to avoid penalties.
  • I understand that my privilege to check out equipment may be taken away for the whole semester after three late occurrences, in addition if the equipment is late over a week or more and if I fail to return loaned equipment by the due time.
  • I understand that if equipment has not been returned 72 hours after the designated return time (with no prior communication or arrangements with ITS Lab Supervisors), the equipment will be considered stolen or lost. Campus Police will be notified and an investigation may be initiated.
  • I will allow at least five minutes for an ITS staff member or a student worker to check the equipment.