Effective FY24, the Desktop Refresh Program will adopt a shared funding model that allows for improved consistency and longevity of the program.


ITS will cover the cost of a Windows desktop or $1000 toward the cost of another machine in the program. Any additional accessories/upgrades (docking station for laptops, second monitor, printer, additional RAM, etc) will be the responsibility of the unit.

Eligibility Requirements

All full-time faculty and staff from participating units. Part-time, adjuncts, extra help, student workers, GAs, etc are not eligible for this program.

When an eligible participant leaves the university or takes on a non-eligible role at the university the computer must be returned to ITS so that it can be used for other eligible participants. Not returning these computers to ITS is not being a good steward of funds at the university.

Cost to the Unit

ITS will provide a Windows desktop computer for each eligible employee at $0 to the unit. For users who select a different model, ITS will contribute $1000 towards the cost of the machine. The unit will be responsible for covering the remaining cost. This cost will be charged back to the unit at the time the machine is deployed to the user.


The shared funding model will allow the Desktop Refresh Program to consistently refresh computers every 5 years. As new employees enter the program, they will be assigned an available computer (model of their choice as availability allows) which will be refreshed in the 5th year. Throughout the 5-year cycle, ITS will handle all repairs/replacements as needed. The computers are purchased with warranties to address accidental damage. When a computer is eligible to be refreshed, deferring will not be an option.

Auxiliary Units

State funds may not be used in support of auxiliary units, so those units will need to pay the full cost of the computer. ITS will pro-rate the computer cost over a 5-year period.

Configuration Options

Faculty and staff can choose between standard-model Apple Macs or Dell PCs, in either desktop or laptop configurations (subject to change each year):

When it is time to select your computer the options of the different desktops and laptops will be available in the Desktop Refresh selection app.


This is a shared program and both ITS and participating units are expected fulfill the following responsibilities:

ITS Responsibilities

  • ITS will make repairs reasonable within normal use and accidental damage coverage based on manufacturer guidelines
  • ITS will guarantee a working computer if the machine is unable to be repaired
  • ITS will not be responsible for data recovery, please be sure to use a cloud service to back up your files

Unit Responsibilities

  • Unit will reply to inventory inquiries on machines users and locations. 
  • Unit will return machine to ITS upon departure of employee unless the position will guaranteed to be filled within 30 days. 
  • All laptops will have a loan agreement form to acknowledge possible use off campus. 
  • Unit will notify ITS of any issues with computer immediately.

Repurposing DRP Computers

Program Temporarily Suspended

ITS currently does not have any equipment available.

  • Replaced DRP computers are returned to ITS.
  • Computers being replaced will be evaluated by ITS to determine if they are useful for repurposing.
  • ITS will keep as many of the computers as necessary for special needs (spares, computer labs, etc.).
  • Repurposed DRP machines can be used for temporary or student employees, for adjunct faculty, or in cases where additional computers are needed.
  • Requests for repurposed computers are made to ITS Client Services.
  • The requesters should agree to purchase service warranty for two years by providing a CFOAP on the request form. The approximate cost is $120/year.
  • Upon approval, ITS will set up and deliver the computers.
  • Repurposed computers will remain on ITS inventory.

To request a repurposed computer, please complete and submit the request form. You will also need to provide a CFOAP to cover the cost of a 2-year service warranty, after gaining the needed approval/authorization from your dean/director/department head.

Please contact drp@uis.edu with any questions.