Connecting to the UISWiFi Wireless Network


To connect your device to our wireless network, open Connect to a Network by clicking the network icon in the notification area. In the list of networks, select UISWiFi, and then click Connect.

Depending upon whether or not your computer is in the UISAD domain, Windows may ask you for your UIS NetID and password in order to authenticate and let you connect to the network.


In order to connect to UISWiFi, select the UISWiFi from the AirPort menu. You will be prompted for your UIS NetID and password. After a few moments, you will automatically be connected to the UISWiFi wireless network.

Mobile Devices

Go to Settings, and locate Wi-Fi. Select UISWiFi from the list and enter your UIS NetID and password. Click Join to finish connecting – after a few moments you should be back at the Wi-Fi config screen and it should show that you are connected to the UISWiFi wireless network.


The eduroam (education roaming) wireless service allows members of the University of Illinois campuses to access wireless networks of visited Universities that participate in eduroam, using their campus NetID and password. The service is available at the affiliated institutions in the United State, Canada, Europe, and Asia and the Pacific.

To configure your computer or mobile device to connect to eduroam, use the following settings:

  • Your user name: "yournetid"
  • Your password: your UIS NetID password 
  • Your domain (if asked):

Some systems will automatically detect the wireless network security type and will only prompt you to enter your personal information. Other systems may require you to enter network security information first. If you need to enter network security information, use:

  • Network authentication: WPA2
  • Data encryption: AES
  • Authentication: Secured password via Protected EAP (PEAP) with Microsoft CHAP (MSCHAPv2) (or) Secured password via TTLSwith Microsoft CHAP (MSCHAPv2)

After you’ve configured your eduroam connection, make sure that it’s placed lower in the priority list than UISWiFi Wireless, so that you’ll connect to the campus network by default when you’re on campus and use eduroam only when you’re traveling.

Wireless for Gaming and Other Devices

Faculty, staff and students now have the ability to connect to the UIS wireless network via an Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo-DS, and other devices that do not use standard Enterprise Wireless Encryption.

Students can register up to 5 devices to access the wireless network. For more information and to register your devices check out the Gaming Devices Knowledge Base Article.