What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning offers over a thousand video tutorials on leading software topics including Adobe products, Apple products, Microsoft products, Drupal, video editing, audio editing, databases, operating systems and much more. Many titles are 7 or 8 hours of detailed information broken down into easy to manage 5 – 15 minute segments. You can always come back in at a later date to pick up where you left off. These video based tutorials are taught by industry experts and available 24/7 for convenient, self-paced learning.

How do I access the tutorials?

Click the login link below and you will be directed to the LinkedIn Learning landing page for UIS. You will be asked to enter your UIS NetID and password. Once you log in, click on any tutorial to get started. If you are using a public computer remember to logout of the web site once you are finished.

Log-in to LinkedIn Learning

You can also access LinkedIn Learning on your mobile device. Simply browse your device’s app store and install the free LinkedIn Learning app. Log in with your NetID and password – and enjoy LinkedIn Learning on the go!

What do you think?

After viewing various tutorials, please take a moment to provide your feedback so that we can effectively assess the value of this service. We need to know if these tutorials are helping and what we can do to make the service better. Also let us know of any additional titles you would like to see that are not currently offered by LinkedIn Learning. Please direct your comments (good or bad) to ITSTraining@uis.edu.