Instructional Software


UIS students, faculty, and staff have access to a rich collection of software applications for general computing, research, and multimedia development.

Faculty may request additional software in support of their instruction by sending e-mail to Kara McElwrath [] with a description of the classroom need. Requests must be made eight weeks in advance, and request fulfillment is contingent on availability of funding.

University of Illinois WebStore

The University of Illinois WebStore offers over 350 software titles for purchase or download, WebStore strives to provide the software you need at the lowest possible price. When looking for software start at the University of Illinois WebStore.

Software Available

Instructional software listed is available on campus. If you need assistance locating where it is installed or require the software on your University owned computer please contact ITS Client Services [Phone: (217) 206-6000 |]


Microsoft Office

[Access, Excel, OneDrive, OnNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word]

MS Office is Free for Students and Employees

  • UIS faculty and staff may obtain the latest version of the Office suite software for their university-owned machines by contacting ITS Client Services.

UIS students and employees can take advantage of Office 365 to download Office applications on their personally-owned devices, free for use while they are enrolled in courses/employed at UIS. Office 365 also includes use of the Office mobile apps, allowing you to create and edit Office documents on your mobile devices. Students and employees may go to the Office365 Login page to start taking advantage of this great resource! Instructions for logging into Office 365 are available. Once you have downloaded and installed Office, you may be prompted to log in the first time you open an application (i.e. when you open Microsoft Word). Please enter and your password. (Please note this is NOT your email address; you will need to add ‘uisad’.)

To log into the Office apps on mobile devices, please enter your and your password. (Please note this is NOT your email address; you will need to add ‘uisad’.) Step-by-step instructions for logging into the Office Mobile app are available; these instructions were created on an Android device, but the steps are similar for iOS and Windows devices.

Additionally, both students and employees now have access to OneDrive, providing 1TB of cloud storage. You may access OneDrive by going to the Office365 Login page and logging in with your email address and password.

Microsoft Skype for Business

Skype for Business is Free for Employees


Free for Students and Employees

  • is FERPA ready and has increased security on the application, network, and facilities level. provides high-end availability and reliability with a 99.9% uptime.  Not only does already integrate with other online systems such as Google Apps, LinkedIn, and smartphones but also provides integration with existing systems by using OpenBox API.To learn more about Box please visit the ITS Box webpage.


Adobe Creative Cloud

[Acrobat Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Muse, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Animate, Bridge, Dreamweaver, ExtendScript Toolkit, Extension Manager, Flash Builder, Gaming SDK, Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign, Lightroom, Media Encoder, Photoshop, Prelude, Scout, SpeedGrade]

$80/yr for Students | Free for Employees

  • Adobe Creative Cloud gives users access to a collection of software developed by Adobe for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services.

Kaltura Capture

Free for Students and Employees

  • Kaltura Capture is a lecture capture system to be used on or off campus allowing you to record whatever is displayed on the computer screen along with your audio and video.To learn more about Kaltura Capture please visit the ITS Lecture Capture webpage.

Visualization / Decision Making


Free for Students

  • ArcGIS is an integrated collection of GIS [Geographic Information System] software products for building a complete GIS. The Software WebStore has a site license for this software. Logon to the University of Illinois WebStore to access this offer.

Mathematica by Wolfram

Online Version Free for Students and Employees | Free for Employees | $35 for Students

  • Mathematica is a program for performing numerical and symbolic mathematical calculations with many built-in graphical capabilities. Mathematica is installed on all lab and classroom PCs and is available for faculty and staff office PCs and Macs. Students may purchase Mathematica at a minimal cost from the University of Illinois WebStore.

Mathworks MATLAB

On Campus Computers Only for Students | MATLAB is Free for Employees

  • MATLAB® is the high-level language and interactive environment used by millions of engineers and scientists worldwide. It lets you explore and visualize ideas and collaborate across disciplines including signal and image processing, communications, control systems, and computational finance.

Research / Data Analytics


SPSS is Free for Employees | $70 for Students

  • SPSS is installed in most of the computer labs on campus and is available on all of the instructor stations in the classrooms. It is also available to faculty and staff for free and at a discounted cost of $70  for student through University of Illinois WebStore. This application is available for both Mac and PC.



Qualtrics is Free for Students and Employees

  • Qualtrics is a simple to use web-based survey tool to conduct survey research, evaluations and other data collection activities.

If you want to learn more about Qualtrics, here are some training resources:

If you need additional support please visit the Qualtrics Academic Support portal or contact the Qualtrics Support Team.


Available via Citrix

  • Stata is a complete, integrated statistical package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.


$70 for Students and Employees

  • The SAS System, originally Statistical Analysis System, is an integrated system of software products provided by the SAS Institute that enables the programmer to perform:
    • data entry, retrieval, management, and mining
    • report writing and graphics
    • statistical and mathematical analysis
    • business planning, forecasting, and decision support
    • operations research and project management
    • quality improvement
    • applications development
    • warehousing (extract, transform, load)

Connect & Develop

NetOp Vision

Computer Lab Use Only

  • Vision allows the faculty to broadcast their computer screens to all the PCs in the lab, and take control of another computer for instruction or demonstration purposes.

Citrix Virtual Desktop

Free for Students and Employees

  • Citrix Virtual Desktop allows users (whether on or off campus) to access a virtual computer that runs all software for which UIS has licensing.
  • To access Citrix, and go to and log in with your NetID and password. The first time you log in, click Desktops from the button bar at the top, then Details. Then click Add To Favorites. From now on, when you log into Citrix you will see your desktop on the Favorites tab. Once you click your desktop, you will see a Windows desktop launch on your computer with course-related software installed and ready to use.
  • Files may be saved to Documents, up to 500 MB, temporarily for the duration of the semester. All files will be deleted at the end of each semester. Files saved any location other than Documents will not be saved. (For example, files should NOT be saved to the Desktop.) We encourage you to take advantage of  cloud storage, such as Box or Google Drive, to safely and securely store your files. Citrix also works on mobile devices through the free Citrix Receiver app. Go to your mobile device store and search for Citrix Receiver. The server name is


Examity offers students a secure and convenient way to take proctored exams online from anywhere, any time of the day. Learn more about Examity on the COLRS website.


Free for Computer Science Students and Computer Science Employees

  • VMware’s suite of virtualization products. If you need the vSphere client for your course work, please contact your Computer Science instructor to make sure the appropriate version is installed.  To download other VMware applications (including VMware Workstation, Fusion for Macs, etc), please visit the VMWare Products OnTheHub.

Respondus and Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus and Lockdown Browser are Free for Students and Employees

  • Respondus is a Windows-based authoring tool that makes it easy to create and manage exams for Blackboard. Learn more about Respondus
  • Respondus LockDown Browser is a customized browser that increases the security of online testing in Blackboard. Learn more about Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is available as an integrity option for low-stakes exams. Although it does not provide real-time proctoring, it will record the exam session and flag suspicious behavior automatically. Learn more at the COLRS Blog

U of I Oracle Site License

Oracle is Free for Students and Employee

  • In the Fall of 2000, the University of Illinois purchased a site license for a set of Oracle server products. Please note that only the Database and Application Server are covered under the site license. All other software must be licensed separately. The site license covers educational, research, and administrative use of the Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server including the following major products:
    • Oracle 9i database
    • Oracle 10g database
    • Oracle 11g database
    • Oracle 9i application server
    • Oracle 10g application server
    • Oracle 11g application server
    • Oracle 9i client
    • Oracle 10g client
    • Oracle 11g client
    • Advanced Security
    • Diagnostics Management Pack
    • Tuning Management Pack
    • Change Management Pack
    • Oracle Internet File System

You can download Oracle software from the Oracle TechNet Website. The Oracle Database 11g R2 client for Windows 32-bit can be downloaded directly from here by registering for an Oracle account.

If you have any additional questions about what is covered under the site license, please e-mail

You are allowed to run this product on your University owned machine, personal laptop and/or personal home machine. The site license covers only educational, research, and university administrative use for students, faculty and staff at all three campuses. Non-faculty employees of the medical center are NOT covered under this contract.

This is a perpetual license and you are eligible to run this product as long as you maintain student, staff or faculty status at the University of Illinois.

Please review the Oracle Support Page for detailed information on product support.

SAP Front End

Free for Management Information Systems Students and Management Information Systems Employees

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching [Formerly MSDNAA | DreamSpark | Imagine]

Free for Computer Science Students / Management Information Systems Students and Computer Science Employees and Management Information Systems Employees

Computer Science and Management Information System departments are members of the Microsoft Azure Development Tools program. The membership helps keep academic labs, faculty, and students on the leading edge of Microsoft technologies.


MIS and Computer Science departments in which you take credit courses are authorized to provide you with program software for use on your personal computer. To be in compliance with the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program requirements, you must follow these usage guidelines when using the software on your computer. You must also agree to the terms of the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching End User License Agreement [EULA], the Amendment to Master End-User License Agreement, and any conditions required by your department.

ITS is the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Site Administrator at UIS. We are responsible for maintaining records of student use and ensuring there is full compliance with the program among all department users, including students, faculty and systems administration staff. Please e-mail the ITS Client Services Center ( for any questions that you may have about the program, or refer to the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Developer Center.

Installation Guidelines

All software reproduced for checkout will be a complete copy, and include all copyright and trademark notices.

You must be registered in at least one credit course within the MIS or Computer Science department to be eligible to load program software on your personal use computer. Students registered solely for non-credit courses in the department[s] are not eligible to receive program software.

You may not give copies of loaned/downloaded software to anyone else for their use. Other qualifying students must obtain software via the method[s] set up by the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Site Administrator.

In order to install certain components, you may need a Product Key. The Product Key will be assigned solely to download authorized software. You may not disclose the Product Key information to anyone else.

The Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Site Administrator will maintain records of software downloaded from server or checked out, and will provide those records to Microsoft upon request.

Usage Guidelines

Your may use the software for non-commercial purposes including instructional use, research and/or design, development and testing of projects for class assignment and tests or personal projects. You may not use the program software for any for-profit software development.

When you are no longer a registered student in the MIS or Computer Science departments, you may no longer receive updates for your personal use computer. However, you may continue to use previously installed software on your computer, provided you continue to follow program guidelines.