Webmail FAQ

Accessing UIS Exchange Campus Email With Web Client



How Do I Login To My Campus Email Account?

1. Go to the webmail homepage.

2. You will be asked to login, you can do this using your campus NetID and password.



How Do I Get Help In Outlook Web Mail?

After you login, on the start page, there is a Help button. Clicking it will bring up the online help form in a new window.

If you cannot find what you are looking for with the online help feature, please contact UIS Tech Support at techsupport@uis.edu or [217] 206-TECH and 206-6000.



How Do I Create A New Mail Message?

1. To create a new message, login to webmail. On the start page, there is a New… button.

2. Clicking New… will bring up the New Message window.

3. Start by selecting a recipient, such as typing in an email address or selecting one from the global address list.

4. Give the email a subject line by typing in the Subject field.

5. Type your message in the whitespace.

6. Click the Send button to send the message.



How Do I Add An Attachment To A Mail Message?

1. Start by logging in to webmail and creating a new mail message.

2. To add an attachment you must click the Add Attachment button, which looks like a paperclip.

3. On the popup window, click the Browse button and select the file that you want to attach. Click the Attach button to attach it to the email.

4. It may take a few moments for the mail server to receive the attachment.

5. You may now return to composing your message, and click Send when you are done.



How Do I Delete Email Messages?

1. First, select the email message you would like to delete by clicking on it. You can select more than one email by holding down the shift key on the keyboard as you click on other emails.

2. Click the Delete button, which looks like a black X, or press the Delete key on the keyboard.

3. After you delete a message, it will be placed in the Deleted Items folder. To empty this, select the Deleted Items on the navigation frame [on the left hand side].

4. Click the Empty Trash button, it looks like a trash can or recycle bin. You will be asked to confirm the action, saying yes will delete the emails in the Deleted Items folder permanently.



How Do I Set An “Out Of Office” Autoreply?

1. The Autoreply feature will automatically reply to any email sent to you. This is most useful when you are on vacation and would like to let others know when they can expect you to return.

2. To turn the Autoreply feature on, click the Options tab in the upper right corner.

3. To enable Autoreply, select the radio button labeled I’m currently out of the office. You can also write a message which will be sent along with the Autoreply.

4. Apply the change by clicking the Save and Close button at the top of the frame.



How Do I Create A Rule?

Rules are useful for sorting your email, automatically deleting unwanted messages, or forwarding your mail to another email address.

1. Click the Options in the upper right hand corner and select create an inbox rule.

2. Create a new rule by clicking the New… button.
Select a condition which causes the rule to activate. This can be who the mail is from, who the mail is to, or what is in the subject line.

3. Select an action for the rule to perform. Move, Copy, Delete, and Forward will carry out the associated action on the email which triggered the rule.

4. Activate the rule by clicking the Save and Close button at the top of the frame.

From now on, the mail server will check the rules each time a mail is sent to your mailbox and carry out any relevant rules.



How Do I Handle Junk Email?

The exchange server can filter your email based on a junk mail filter you define.

1. To turn this filter on, click the Options tab in the navigation frame – it should be on the left at the bottom. The filter is a list of email addresses.

2. To block all email from a particular email address, click the Manage Junk Email Lists button.

3. Select which list you would like to edit; Safe Senders is a list of email addresses which can always send you mail, Blocked Senders is a list of email addresses you do not want to receive mail from.

4. Clicking the Add button will let you add an email address to the selected list.



How Do I Avoid or Remove Unwanted [Spam] Email?

Spam mail is another everpresent aspect of computer life today. There is no known method to avoid it 100% of the time [short of not having an email account] but here are a few handy tips to minimize your exposure to these unwanted visitors to your inbox. Best tip to avoid spam:

  • Avoid using your UIS email account to register for anything online unless you are well aware of what they will be sending you.

Use the steps from the How do I create a rule heading and craft a rule to filter based on sender or subject and select the delete it option under ‘Then’.


How Do Use And Search The Global Address List?

1. The Global Address List stores the email address of any person or department at UIS.

2. To use the address list, you need to compose a new mail message.

3. Click the To button. This will bring up the address list search form.
Type some info in the form, and click Find. The search may take a moment, but will return every mailbox which matched the search criteria.

4. Click the Add recipient to New Message button to add a selected person to the To field.



How Do I Forward My Campus Email?

You can use a rule to forward all of your emails to a different email address.

1. Create a new rule and name it Forwarding Rule.

2. Set the condition to Sent To, and type in your own email address.

3. Set the action to Forward To, and type in another email address. All email you receive will be forwarded to this other email address.

Mail delivery is not guaranteed if you set your mail to forward to another address, and UIS will not take responsibility for lost emails.



Why am I getting unwanted email?

All students are automatically included on a University email distribution list called UIS Student – Official Information DL. This list is used by university departments to communicate current campus issues as well as other items of interest to UIS Students. In addition, notices regarding your University ebills are sent to this list. There is a limited number of people who can send items to this list and generally they are restricted to Deans, Directors and Department heads. Information that is deemed important to students is delivered via this list. Since there is only one list containing all students, some information is sent out that might not be of interest to the entire student population. For example, a listing of on campus events may not be of interest to students who lives several states away and only take online courses. No assumptions of levels of interest by students is made by the senders. The campus is working on several ways to better target the audiences that they want to reach with their messages. These may include Blogs and RSS feeds or posting the information on websites as well as other ways.