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Prof. Hinda Seif teaches courses related to Latina/o/x experience, women of color, Mexico and Latin America, Chicago, and the interactions of social locations that feature race, sex, gender, class, nationality, and sexual orientation. After her earlier work on Latina/o/e immigrant youth activism, her current research focuses on the ways that Latina artists are transforming Chicago, including how the city is represented and imagined.

Prof. Seif leads a UIS/UIC community partnership with the Chicago Monuments Project ( She is a research associate with University of California San Diego's Center for Comparative Immigration Studies and serves on the faculty board of the University of Illinois Press. She has published in venues including Latino Studies, Diálogo; GénEros (Mexico); Journal of Language and Sexuality; and Recovering the US Latino Digital Heritage (USLDH) Collections (University of Houston and Arte Público Press).

To see/hear more about Prof. Seif's research collaborations with Latina artists in Chicago & Mexico City;

Artists' Visions: Latina/x & LGBTQ Histories, Monuments for Chicago's Future (Chicago Monuments Project Community Partner Panel, 5/21)

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