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School of Public Management and Policy
School of Public Management and Policy
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Bob Blankenberger is an associate professor in the Public Administration Department. He received his Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis and Administration from St. Louis University in 2005. He served as Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education at UIS during the 2016-18 academic years and as chair of the Public Administration Department from August 2015 - 2020. His most recent position before joining UIS was Deputy Director of Academic Affairs and Student Success at the Illinois Board of Higher Education. There he was responsible for oversight of new institution and degree program approval and review for Illinois postsecondary institutions, reviewed and revised administrative rules for oversight of postsecondary institutions in Illinois, developed the Illinois Articulation Major Initiative, was the Academic Affairs point person for the Board for implementation of performance funding legislation, and was co-developer of legislation to transfer authority over private business and vocational schools to the Board of Higher Education. Previous to his work at IBHE, he served in a variety of roles at Springfield College in Illinois – Benedictine University including faculty and department chair, Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Registrar, Financial Aid Director, and Dean of Students.

Courses Taught

Dr. Blankenberger has taught several courses at UIS including among others PAD 653 Public Policy Seminar, PAD 571 Capstone in Public Administration, PAD 501 Introduction to the Profession, PAD 506 Public Policy for Managers, PAD 534 Program Implementation, PAD 441 Contemporary Issues in Policy, PAD 470. Research Methods and Management, and PAD 471. Public Administration Senior Capstone.

Recent Publications

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