UIS Email

UIS email is the primary tool we use to communicate with students, so it is vital that you check and read your UIS email every week.  Yes, we are going to send some announcements that either don’t interest or don’t apply to you, and you may be tempted to ignore your UIS email account for this reason, but doing so may put you at a disadvantage.  For example, if you don’t read your UIS email, you may not realize that you could apply for a scholarship.  Or, worse, you may miss the graduation application deadline so, even through you have finished all of your requirements, you have to postpone receiving your degree until the end of the next semester.  Please, make your UIS email part of your weekly school work flow.

Checking your UIS email online

Go to the any UIS webpage that includes the blue menu bar.   Click on Quick Links and then Webmail.

Options for Quick Links link

Log in to your Microsoft Outlook Web App

Use your NetID and the password.  (Your NetID is your User name.)

UIS email log in

An overview of the Outlook Web App

This is a fairly standard online email interface.  There are a couple things worth noting.

1.  You may receive announcements directly from your advisor or from key UIS offices like Records and Registration or the Financial Assistance Office.   More general announcements are collected in a daily Campus Announcements email.  It is worth scanning the subjects, even if you are an online student.   In this example, all of the announcements are events on campus but the daily collection includes announcements for online students as well.

2.  Your Outlook account includes a calendar.  Click on the icon (it looks like a calendar.)

Outlook inbox

Stay organized with the calendar

You may already have time-management strategies but, if you don’t, please consider using your Outlook calendar to organize your school work.  Add due dates for assignments, test days, or simply schedule study time. (You should plan approximately 10 hours of weekly study time for each of your courses.)

outlook calendar

Yes, you can add your UIS email and calendar to your iPhone, Android, Windows phone, or tablet.

If you aren’t sure how to add your UIS email and calendar to a mobile device, it is fairly easy to do once you know the details.  You can find all of the details on the Information Technology Services website.