Report a problem

Please report software and hardware problems in labs and classrooms by calling the ITS Client Services Center at (217) 206-TECH or (217) 206-6000. You can also send an email to the ITS Client Services Center at If you experience any problems while in a classroom, you can open the “Report Issues” shortcut on the desktop or go to the Classroom Issues Form.

Technology-enhanced classrooms

Technology-enhanced classrooms are located throughout the campus. These “Smart” classrooms are designed to enhance the integration of technology into the curriculum. Nearly all of the classrooms here at UIS are outfitted with this advanced technology:

  • Instructor Station with Computer
  • LCD Projector / Flat Panel Display
  • Room Control System
    • The Room Control System is an interface that allows you to turn on/off the different components in the classroom, allows you to switch between the different inputs in the classroom, and control other functions of the classroom components. These systems are available in most of the classrooms in University Hall and several other rooms across campus.
  • Document Camera
    • Document Cameras are available in many of the classrooms however if you need one in a classroom that does not have one please contact the ITS Client Services Center to request one.
  • Classroom Microphone
    • This special microphone is available for use if you are wanting to do a lecture capture, audio recording, or even video call

If there is additional software or hardware that you require for your course please request it from the Instructional Technology Request Form.

Below is a listing of the classrooms, organized by learning space styles:


Photos of Classrooms that have furniture arranged in a boardroom style.


Photos of standard Classrooms

Teaching Computer Lab

Photos of Classrooms are teaching computer labs.


Photos of Classrooms that have tiers to make viewing easier.


Photos of Classrooms that have furniture arranged in a U-Shape

Check out more images of the different Learning Spaces here at UIS