Dear Reader,

We are thrilled to share this year’s edition of Continuum with you! After a brief hiatus, the editorial team for the journal hit the ground running at the start of the academic year with a goal of soliciting a wide variety of diverse work from students at all stages of the program. Submissions were accepted from September 2018 to February 2019 and the final review process took place over the month of March.

The editorial team faced a difficult task in selecting from the submission pool this year as many strong scholarly and creative pieces were sent in for consideration. Ultimately, the team followed a double-blind peer review process with each piece being reviewed by multiple evaluators. To protect the anonymity of submitters, any identifying information was removed from the pieces before the review process began. Submissions that received high marks from their initial reviewers moved on to the final decision stage which involved discussion amongst the entire editorial team. The evaluators aimed to select pieces that demonstrated a rigorous commitment to quality and topics that—in line with our mission statement—challenged the status quo.

This issue could not have been the success it is without the dedication of our peer evaluators or the thoughtful submissions contributed by our Honors students. Please join us in celebrating this collection of work and stay tuned for our 2019-2020 edition. We hope to see your work among next year’s submissions!


Continuum Editorial Staff

Interdisciplinary Research and Analysis

Patently Underdeveloped: How Misuse of Patent Law by Unethical Business Practices of the Pharmaceutical Industry Hurts Developing Nations– Heba Qazi (’19)

The Public History of Westeros: Game of Thrones Through the Display and Preservation of Artifacts and Cultures – Katie Brethorst (’20)

Coral Bleaching – Claire Starling (’20)


Interweb – Eric Loera (’21)

Short Stories

The Murderous Madár – Katie Brethorst (’20)


Young Midas – Emily Albrecht (’21)

In Which I’ll Raise My Children – Maura Freeman (’19)

Loose Screws – Maura Freeman (’19)


 Groundhog’s Day – Katie Brethorst (’20)