Dear Reader,

I am delighted to showcase a great variety of artistic genres in this volume of Continuum. We begin with interdisciplinary research and analysis: Ben Johnson (’15) examines the shift in U.S./Soviet relations during the détente period of the Cold War following the Cuban Missile Crisis, while Bethany McGinness (’18) analyzes the theme of “storms” in two popular country songs. The analysis inherent in Carly Wesolowski’s (’17) criticism of The Crucible relies on theory from Jacques Lacan to determine what truly makes a person “good”. Summing up this category, Kehinde Pedro (’18) explores her Yoruba roots, recounting the wisdom she learned from her grandmother and how it has shaped her identity.

Next, through their poetry, Rebecca Mazzoccoli (’17) and Robert Quance (’16) challenge us as a society to re-examine the way we conduct our relationships and ultimately, our lives. Finally, Andrew Maibenco (’18) digitally displays the key elements central to his first semester in college, while Alex Johnson (’15) rounds out the volume with a light-hearted digital animation, reminding us that chivalry is indeed, not dead.

In closing, it is with bitter sweetness that the Continuum team and I bid farewell to graduating peer evaluators Shelby Bedford and Ben Johnson. Since the inception of Continuum two years ago, they have enthusiastically lent their critical thinking and creativity not only to evaluating submissions, but also to brainstorming ways to grow, improve and promote the journal. We are grateful to them for the foundation they have helped to establish, and the legacy of dedication and excellence they will leave behind to the new evaluators coming on board.

I hope you enjoy this volume of Continuum, and I invite you to join us again for our next volume in December.


Jaclyn Peterson
Managing Editor

Interdisciplinary Research & Analysis

The Cuban Missile Crisis and its Effect on the Course of Détente – Benjamin Johnson

Song Analysis – Bethany McGinness

Defending a Good Name – Carly Wesolowski

My Grandmother’s Adage – Kehinde Pedro


Explain – Rebecca Mazzoccoli

One hundred words about my thoughts on the human race – Robert Quance

Digital Art

Showcase – Andrew Maibenco