Transfer Information

Transfer In:  F-1 Students transferring from another institution within the United States to UIS

If you are currently an F-1 student in good standing at your current school, you can have your SEVIS record transferred to UIS. You must begin your classes or program within five months of transferring out of your current school, completing your program, or the end date of your Optional Practical Training (OPT) employment, whichever comes earlier. If you do not meet this requirement, you can depart the country and return as a new F-1 non-immigrant. International travel is not advised during the SEVIS transfer process. Please do not travel abroad until your SEVIS record has been transferred to UIS and you have been issued your new I-20 document.

  1. Please notify your previous school that you have been accepted for admission at UIS and provide the DSO there with a copy of your admission letter. Ask the DSO to transfer your SEVIS record to UIS.  The SEVIS school code for the University of Illinois Springfield is CHI214F06390000. If you are currently on OPT, you will want to postpone the release date until you have completed your work, but the record must be transferred when you begin your new program.  You should discuss your SEVIS record Release Date with the DSO at your current school or a DSO at UIS if you have any questions.
  2. After the SEVIS Release Date has passed, UIS will verify your admission documents and issue a new initial I-20 for you. Please sign this document as soon as you receive it.  This is an Initial Attendance – Transfer Pending Form I-20.
  3. Report to the UIS Office of International Student Services within 15 days of the program start-date at UIS for school transfer processing. Bring with you all your travel documents: passport, visa, form I-94, and transfer I-20.  You will be required to attend International Student Check-In and Orientation prior to the start of classes, so please plan accordingly.
  4. After you have attended Check-In, Orientation, and have officially registered for classes at UIS, your SEVIS record will be updated and you will receive a new Form I-20.
  5. Keep all previous Form I-20s for your records.

Transfer Out:  F-1 Students leaving UIS to attend another institution within the United States

International students that plan to transfer out to another U.S. institution must complete the Transfer Out Form (PDF) in order to transfer their SEVIS record.  Please include a copy of the admission letter to your new university with this form.  In addition, students that have never attended UIS (only entered the U.S. on an I-20 issued by UIS) will also need to submit a copy of their visa, passport, and most recent I-94.  All documents must be submitted together in order for your SEVIS record to be transferred.  Email all documents to

Make sure that all necessary steps are taken with the Office of Records and Registration prior to transferring to a new university.  Your responsibilities prior to transferring can be found on their Withdrawing Students page.