General procedure for requesting a tenure transfer within the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.


1. A faculty member must request a transfer in writing to the Department Chair/Head or School Director simultaneously in both the original and destination departments, and cc the dean(s) of the college(s). This request must include motivation/justification for the request, how relocation would further individual, unit, and institutional mission/goals, and projected impact on curriculum/degree programs of both the original and destination units.

2. Both the original and destination departments must consider the request and vote upon it according to the policy and procedure outlined in department bylaws for department personnel committee decisions.

3. Both the original and destination departments generate memos in response to the request, with justification for DPC vote, and submit simultaneously to relevant school director(s), the dean (or deans if multiple colleges are involved), and the faculty member.

4. After consultation with the home and destination departments and the director(s) of the relevant school(s), the dean(s) decide(s) to recommend or not recommend the transfer. The dean(s) then write(s) a memo to the provost and cc all parties involved with the recommendation, which shall include a sustainable plan to cover the labor displaced by faculty transfer, the advantages and disadvantages of the transfer for the faculty member, the relevant units, and the college(s), as well as a signature line for the provost’s decision.

5. If approved by the provost, a memo of understanding (MOU) will be generated describing the conditions of the transfer, including costs and benefits and coverage of courses. Signature lines for approvals must include the faculty member, both department chairs/heads, director(s) of any schools, the dean(s), and the provost.

6. If the provost approves the MOU, then the Provost’s office updates the relevant personnel systems and sends the signed copy of the MOU to all parties. All department members will be informed promptly of the decision.

7. Either party can request to review/revise the MOU at any time if the terms no longer work for them.