F-1 Student Advising

The primary function of the Office of International Student Services is to provide international students advising related to immigration laws and regulations. This page organizes information specific to your F-1 status and helps to clarify your responsibilities and the assistance our office offers international students.

  • Visa Information includes obtaining an initial F-1 visa, change of status, dependent visas, and more visa related needs.
  • Maintaining Your Status walks you through the important steps you must take as a student in order to ensure you remain “in-status.”
  • Form I-20 provides a general overview of the purpose of this document and as well, explains circumstances in which a new form I-20 is required.
  • SEVP, SEVIS, Recordkeeping, and Reporting is a guide to the responsibilities of the DSOs (designated school officials) at UIS. Here you will find information on what the reporting requirements are for each F-1 student.