Out-of-State Applicants

For classes requiring technical qualifications; i.e., a high degree of specialized experience, training or education, for which there is an inadequate supply of qualified applicants who are citizens of, or residents in, the State of Illinois, the DER (Designated Employer Representative) may waive the residency requirement and admit out-of-state residents to the examination only in accordance with the following criteria:

Preference for employment in the universities and agencies under the System shall be granted to residents of Illinois. Such preference shall be extended when the qualifications of residents and non-residents applying for admission to examinations are substantially equal. The responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of this policy shall rest with the DERs of the universities and agencies, subject to periodic review by the Director or his/her designee.

While the residency requirement provides a significant preference in the original employment of Illinois residents to fill vacant positions within the University System, current status employees may be admitted to any examination based on their current status appointment and seniority within their class, irrespective of their current residence.