Vacation & Sick Leave (VSL) applications are used to manage University leave benefits for academic and exempt civil service employees. The primary functions are tracking the request/approval process and maintaining vacation and sick leave balance information.

Academic Vacation & Sick Leave

Exempt Civil Service Employees Vacation & Sick Leave (VSL) Application

Note: This training was recorded for the Urbana campus. While the application functions the same for UIS employees the view shown in the training video may be slightly different from the UIS view. UIS employees should refer to the attached user guide for log-in instructions, please disregard the log-in instructions in the training video. You may skip that information and start the training at the 1:42 minute mark.

Non-Exempt Civil Service Time Reporting

  • Employee Self-Service provides access for Time Sheet Entry, Benefits Statements, and other applications for non-exempt Civil Service Employees

Positive Time Reporting

The State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (SOEEA) requires Academic Professional and Civil Service employees to document all official business of the University and to submit time sheets weekly documenting the time spent each day on official State business to the nearest quarter hour. This includes all official University business conducted throughout the week to include evenings and weekends (i.e. twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week).