Once you obtain a job, you need to complete a timesheet for each pay period that you work. If your department handles timesheets using the department entry method, you will complete a hard copy timesheet. Be sure to fill in the dates and hours you work for each two week pay period and total your hours at the bottom. Sign the timesheet and have your supervisor sign it (electronic signatures are not acceptable). Submit this timesheet to whomever enters your hours into the payroll system (Check with your supervisor). If you do web entry of your time, your supervisor will explain the web entry procedure. A timesheet is due on the final day you work for that pay period. Be aware timesheets could be due earlier near breaks and holidays notably Thanksgiving and Christmas. Timesheets cannot be submitted online. 

Once your appointment is in the payroll system, you will be paid every other Wednesday. This is the same week that your timesheet is due for the next pay period.