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Charleston HS Grad Awarded $52,000 in Scholarships from UIS

Rachel Mellott of Charleston, a May 2020 graduate of Charleston High School, has been admitted to the University of Illinois Springfield as a public policy major for Fall Semester 2020 and awarded $52,000 in scholarships.  Read the Journal Gazette-Times Courier article for more details.  Congratulations and Welcome Rachel!

Posted 08.07.2020


Hired!  Congratulations Colleen Goett, Legal Studies Grad!

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Posted 08.06.2020


Why UIS Wednesday?  Watch PSC Major Collin Moseley’s Video

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Posted 08.05.2020


DPA Grad Robert Elliott Presents Webinar on Public Service Motivation

Public Service Motivation:  Local Government Education Webinar

Dr. Robert ElliottUnderstanding what motivates public service employees may influence how community leaders recruit, train, retain, and inspire staff to elevate performance, retention, and morale while reducing human resource costs.

University of Illinois Extension is sponsoring a free online webinar, Public Service Motivation, as part of its Local Government Education webinar series. The webinar will cover the theory and research on public service motivation that accounts for employee performance, human resource actions, and professional development. This webinar will also cover the implications of organization commitment, person-organization fit, and prior military service.

The free, online webinar begins at noon Aug. 6. Register online. A reasonable participation accommodation request may be made by contacting Nancy Ouedraogo ( as early as possible to allow time to meet individual requests.

Robert Elliott, presenter, was a career Illinois public servant with extensive experience across public safety, higher education, military, and emergency management fields. He obtained his doctorate in public administration from University of Illinois at Springfield. His research involved determining the relationship between public service motivation and employee performance behaviors in a large Midwestern police agency. Ellliot is co-founder of ERA Solutions Group, LLC.

Posted 08.04.2020


Dr. Tih-Fen Ting, ENS Associate Professor, Translocates Osprey Chicks

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Posted 08.04.2020


Congratulations Jennifer Davis, ENS, 2021 Illinois Ms. Agriculture USA!

Posted 08.03.2020


Prof. Deborah Anthony, LES, Quoted in CBS News on Portland Clashes

Prof. Deborah Anthony
Deborah Anthony, Legal Studies Professor

Read the CBS New Article, “The Portland Clashes, Explained”.

Why is Border Patrol allowed to patrol a Portland courthouse?

Portland, like most of the United States’ major cities, falls within the so-called “100-mile zone” that defines CBP’s jurisdiction, according to the University of Illinois Springfield professor Deborah Anthony, who has studied the agency’s expanding operations in that corridor. She said CBP is free to operate within 100 miles of any border or coastline, a swath of land that’s home to roughly two-thirds of the country’s population.

“It’s based on a statute from the 1940s that says border agents can search the border for aliens within a reasonable distance of the border or an external boundary. In 1953, a (Department of Justice) regulation determined that that was a hundred miles. Nobody seems to really know why they came up with a hundred miles, but that’s essentially been the rule ever since,” Anthony said.

At the time there were about 1,000 border agents nationwide, compared with roughly 21,000 today.

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Posted 07.27.2020


Fossil Friday by Dr. Josh Lively, ENS Assistant Professor

Posted 07.28.2020


In The News:  Dr. Kenneth Kriz, PAD Quoted in the Illinois Times

Dr. Kenneth Kriz, Public Administration, in front of the UIS Student Union

Dr. Kenneth Kriz, Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, was quoted in a July 16th Illinois Times article entitled, “Restaurants Navigate a Pandemic”.

Over at University of Illinois Springfield, professor Kenneth Kriz studies consumer behavior and economic trends. On July 7, he wrote, “There are already signs that the recession may be over.” The pain will linger, especially in the labor market, he wrote in a blog post: “But there is a palpable sense that the situation may be resolving itself.” Still, “If virus cases continue to surge as they have in many states, a new round of lockdowns and layoffs may proceed a new round of economic pain.”

Posted 7.27.2020


Hired!  Nicole Morris, ENS, working at the Illinois River Biological Station

Posted 07.24.2020


Op-Ed in Illinois Times by Larry Golden, PSC/LES Professor Emeritus

The recent controversy over discrimination in the composition of Springfield city boards and commissions goes well beyond the statement by Alderman Joe McMenamin, who attempted to justify the appointments of west side individuals at the exclusion of those living on the east side. The statement reflects an attitude that has historically prevailed and has been the foundation of systemic power and control based on race and income division within Springfield.

Dr. Larry Golden of Springfield is an emeritus professor of Political Science and Legal Studies at University of Illinois Springfield. He co-founded the Illinois Innocence Project in 2001. With a Ph.D. in Political Theory from the University of Minnesota, Larry was one of the founding faculty of Sangamon State (which later became the University of Illinois Springfield), specializing in civil liberties, injustice and inequality. After 34 years of teaching, he retired in 2004 in part to work pro bono for IIP. Larry contributes to the UIS course Conviction of the Innocent and regularly lectures on the prevention of wrongful convictions. Larry was the recipient of the Spencer Faculty Service Award and most recently the University’s Distinguished Service Award.

Posted 07.23.2020


Why UIS Wednesday

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Posted 07.22.2020


Dr. Gilman-Opalsky, PSC, on “The Eternal Return of Revolt”

Dr. Richard Gilman-Opalsky Ill Will Editions interviewed Dr. Richard Gilman-Opalsky, University Scholar and Political Science Professor on July 7th, 2020.

Posted 07.21.2020


CPAA Grad New Mini O’Beirne Crisis Nursery Executive Director

Jennifer McMillan is the new Executive Director of the Mini O’Beirne Crisis Nursery.

“One of the things I’m most heartened by,” McMillin said, “is we live in a very giving community. Springfield, Sangamon County, central Illinois, we care about each other here and we especially care about children and families. Regardless of what happens around us, people see that we’re a needed service and they value the service we provide to the community.”

Click here to read the entire State Journal-Register article.

McMillian earned her Bachelor’s in Political Science and her Master’s of Public Administration from UIS.

Posted 07.20.2020


Congratulations Angela Evans, DPA Candidate!

Angela Evans, DPA CandidateOn June 13th, Angela Evans successfully defended her Doctor of Public Administration Dissertation titled, “H.E.R.O.+MADE: Examining The Multidimensional Construct Of Psychological Capital And Associated Variables In Swift Starting Action Teams (STATs)”. This descriptive study examines the individual and team measures of psychological capital (PsyCap) within swift starting action teams (STATs). STATs typically form in response to critical incidents. While the physical threats and hazards to STATs teams and their performance are well understood, and appropriate training exists, the psychological toll and related preparation have historically received little attention.

Posted 07.17.2020


Congratulations Farris Watson, DPA Candidate!

Farris A. Watson, DPA CandidateOn June 10th, Farris Watson successfully defended his Doctor of Public Administration dissertation, entitled, “An In-depth Look at What Happens During a State Takeover of a School District: A Case Study of East St. Louis, Illinois School District 189”.

Watson is a member of the DPA 2013 cohort. Most of his career has been in the government sector working for the Iowa Department of Transportation, the City of East St. Louis, Illinois and the State of Illinois. Currently, he works for St. Louis County Government Department of Planning Office of Community Development as a Senior Community Development Specialist. His doctoral dissertation is focused in education on the City of East St. Louis, Illinois. For his dissertation, Farris is doing a comparative study of school districts in Illinois that have been or are currently under state receivership entitled Governance in East St. Louis School District 189 Local School Board Control versus State Control.  He earned a dual dual B.A. in English and Political Science from Iowa State University and a M.S. in Human Resource Management from Lindenwood University.

Posted 07.15.2020


In the News:  Dr. Kenneth Kriz in the L.A. Times

Distinguished Professor of Public Administration Dr. Kenneth Kriz was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article comparing and contrasting the prosperity of Omaha, Nebraska, and Wichita, Kansas.

Dr. Kriz conducts research focusing on subnational debt policy and administration, public pension fund management, government financial risk management, economic and revenue forecasting, and behavioral public finance. Dr. Kriz is a frequent presenter at public economics, public budgeting and financial management conferences and has published more than 40 journal articles and book chapters along with a textbook on quantitative research methods in public administration. Dr. Kriz has consulted with several public and nonprofit organizations on financial and economic matters. Dr. Kriz served as Vice-Chairperson of the City of Omaha, Nebraska Civilian Employees Retirement System from 2006 to 2011 and on the Board of Trustees of the Wichita, Kansas Police & Fire Retirement System and on the Joint Investment Committee for the city’s pension funds from 2014 to 2018. Dr. Kriz was a Fulbright Scholar in the Republic of Estonia during academic year 2004-05 and a Fulbright Senior Specialist in the Czech Republic in 2008.

Posted 07.14.2020


Hired!  Congratulations to Mike Smith, PAR Grad

Congratulations to Public Affairs Reporting 2020 graduate Mike Smith on his new job at WMBDNews in Peoria as an executive digital producer.

PAR is a one-year, professionally oriented master’s degree program that trains students to become journalists who produce intelligent news coverage that helps audiences understand government, politics and other public affairs. The program’s centerpiece is a six-month paid internship where students work for a professional news organization in the Illinois Statehouse press room to report on the spring session of the Illinois General Assembly.

Posted 07.10.2020



Hired! Congratulations to Bridget Horton, CCJ Grad

Congratulations to Bridget Horton, CCJ Grad, who was sworn in to the Springfield Police Academy in June.  Click here to read the SJ-R article.

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Department is committed to Changing the Way People Think About and Do the Work of Justice and we hope that you will consider joining us.


Posted 07.09/2020


In the News:  Prof. Williams, CCJ, on News Channel 20

Watch Ryan Williams, Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, on a News Channel 20 story on defunding the police.

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Posted 07.08.2020



UIS Garden Worknights are back!

ENS assistant professor Megan Styles planting. Environmental Studies (ENS) professor and student planting the UIS Community Garden. Wearing a mask and practicing social distancing against possible COVID19 transmission. Photographed May 1, 2020.

Please join us to help with weeding, mulching, and harvesting on Wednesdays at 5PM, rain or shine.

Because this is an outdoor space, masks are not required. However, we will be social distancing. No more than 8 people are allowed in the garden at one time, and we ask that you remain 6 feet apart from anyone who is not a member of your household. If more than 8 people come out for a worknight, our garden coordinator will rotate volunteers through the garden and greenhouse.

No experience is necessary and all tools will be provided. Please bring a bottle of water to drink and wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes. There are no bathrooms on-site.

Click here for a map to our location.

RSVPs are not required, but we encourage you to let us know you are coming by responding to our Facebook invite and/or emailing our summer garden coordinator, Fran Butler.

​Questions? Email Fran Butler or Dr. Megan Styles, faculty advisor for the garden and Environmental Studies Assistant Professor and Department Chair.

See you soon!

Posted 07.07.2020


Dr. Kriz, Public Administration, quoted in WSJ

Dr. Kenneth Kriz, Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, in front of the UIS Student Union


Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, Dr. Ken Kriz, quoted in Wall Street Journal article, “Tale of Quad Cities: Different Reopening Policies Split Economy of Border Communities”.  The article outlines the contrasts of the reopening policies of the State of Illinois and the State of Iowa and the subsequent economic impacts.

Posted 07.06.2020



Interview  with Dr. Betsy Goulet on IGPA Child Welfare Report

Dr. Betsy Goulet in her office
Dr. Betsy Goulet

Read the Illinois Newsroom interview of Dr. Betsy Goulet, co-author of the IGPA Report on child welfare during the pandemic.

Dr. Goulet is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Public Administration and the Program Director of the Child Advocacy Studies Program at UIS.

In 1986 Dr. Goulet began working in the field of child sexual abuse, beginning with her first position as the victim advocate at a rape crisis center. She was the founding director of the Sangamon County Child Advocacy Center from 1989-1995 and organized the Illinois Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers, serving as that organization’s first president. From 1995 until June of 2002 Dr. Goulet was the Children’s Policy Advisor to the Illinois Attorney General.  Dr. Goulet began teaching at UIS in 1992 and joined the Public Administration Department in 2010.

Posted 07.02.2020


Hired!  Public Affairs Reporting Grad Ben Orner

Hired! Congratulations Ben Orner, Public Affairs Reporting Graduate, Hired by NBC 4i in Columbus, photo of Ben's name tag at NBC-4i

Congratulations to Public Affairs Reporting (PAR) Graduate Ben Orner who was hired by NBC 4i in Columbus!

PAR is a one-year, professionally oriented master’s degree program that trains students to become journalists who produce intelligent news coverage that helps audiences understand government, politics and other public affairs. The program’s centerpiece is a six-month paid internship where students work for a professional news organization in the Illinois Statehouse press room to report on the spring session of the Illinois General Assembly.

NOTE: The application deadline for the PAR Class of 2020-2021 has been extended to July 15 or until all spots in the class have been filled. Contact program director Jason Piscia at or (217) 206-7494 for more information.

Post 07.01.2020


CPAA Graduates Continue Work with the Illinois Innocence Project

Payton Raso participating in the Model Illinois Government competition

Brandon Klages, LES ’19, and Payton Raso, PSC ’19, continue assist on Jerry Harrington’s case by the Illinois Innocence Project to achieve a full exoneration.  Read more about the case in the Illinois Innocence Project newsletter.

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Posted 06.30.2020


In the News:  Prof. Prof. Ryan Williams, CCJ, quoted in an SJR article on police reform

Professor Ryan Williams teaching Criminology and Criminal Justice class 221 Introduction to Criminology
Prof Williams teaching CCJ 221

Click here to read the State Journal-Register article, “Local Activists, Scholar, Offer Changes to Springfield Police”.

“Ryan Williams, an associate criminology professor at the University of Illinois Springfield, said much of the protests over the last three weeks — although they were sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota — are about more than just the police. While it is rooted in a much larger issue, the police amplify the issue with its power, he implied.”

Posted 06.29.2020


Congratulations to Sarah Zimmerman, PAR Grad!

“Sarah Zimmerman, a reporter for Crain’s Chicago Business, has been promoted to deputy digital editor for audience and social media. “We hired Sarah originally as a general assignment reporter, and it was her ability to think quickly on her feet and fill in well on any beat that gave us confidence she would adapt to the editor role,” said Ann Dwyer, editor of the business publication. Zimmerman, a native of California and graduate of the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Springfield, worked for the Associated Press and Politico before joining Crain’s last year.”

Posted 06.26.2020



Fall 2020 Class through the University of Colima

The University of Colima-Mexico LogoThe University of Colima (UCOL), Mexico will offer a 499- online topics course in the Fall 2020 semester. The course  titled “Comparative Political Systems” will be taught in English by Dr. Jose Manuel de la Mora, a full professor at UCOL.  The online course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students and has an enrollment cap of 6 students.

For registration, please contact Dr. Adriana Crocker at

Posted 06.25.2020


Proposals for MALAS Conference Papers Due Sept. 10

Dr. Adriana Crocker, Professor of Political Science and MALAS President, and Roberto Rincon, Political Science Lecturer and MALAS Secretary, invite UIS students to submit a paper proposal for the 70th Midwest Association for Latin American Studies Conference (MALAS) as there are paper awards for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Please, feel free to contact Adriana Crocker  or check the MALAS website at for more information about this conference.

The conference will take place this October 29-November 1, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Ballston (Washington D.C. Metropolitan area). Professor Crocker encourages both faculty and students with a broad interest in Latin America to submit a presentation proposal by September 10th.

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Posted 05.22.2020


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