Communication FAQs

Do I need to take Communication undergraduate courses in a certain order?

We strongly suggest, but don’t require, you take the introductory course in your area of emphasis (COM 302 or 303) first, then courses that are prerequisites for advanced courses within your area. Next, consider the other required introductory course and other courses to complete the requirements.

What if a class I want to take is full?

You may be put on a wait list and must obtain a WPI (With Permission of Instructor) to enroll. You should probably discuss your situation with the professor teaching the course, especially if you need to take the course to graduate that semester.

As a graduate student, may I take electives outside the Communication Department to count toward my degree?

Yes. You may take one course outside of Communication that will count toward your master’s degree. You will need to petition the School to do so.

When may I complete an internship if I am an undergraduate student?

We suggest you seek an internship once you have completed enough hours in the School to have the acquired skills needed in the internship. Usually, this means sometime during your senior year. You many find a listing of possible placements at the Experiential & Service-Learning office.

May I transfer courses from other universities to count toward my Communication degree?

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS may petition the School of Communication and Media to transfer upper-division hours earned at another university or lower-division hours taken after achieving upper-division status at another university. You may petition these hours for general elective credit or toward Communication course requirements. If you are seeking to count your work from another school toward specific credits in the Communication major, you need to provide a copy of the catalog describing the course at the other school and/or a course syllabus along with your petition.

Generally, you may not transfer hours if you are a GRADUATE STUDENT, although you may petition the UIS School of Communication and Media to try. In rare instances, the School has allowed a limited number of graduate credits to transfer.

In general, the UIS School of Communication and Media never allows a course from another university to replace a School-required course (COM 302 or 303 for undergraduates and COM 504 and 506 for graduate students).

Student petition forms are available on the UIS Registration Office’s Online Forms page.