The core professional degree for a communication career

An undergraduate Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies provides students with a general background in communication theory and technology with an opportunity to engage in studying a specific area of communication (Interpersonal Communication, and Journalism/Media) and apply this knowledge to address specific social problems.

The broad-based Communication department offers students the opportunity to specialize in journalism/media studies or interpersonal communication, and to explore media technology, public relations, intercultural communication, photography, and radio and video production.

"Communication is needed in every profession and in everyday life. Leaders with effective communication skills are able to make significant changes in policy and organizations. The impact of communicative leadership can turn into positive societal changes."

~Ann E Strahle

Program Facts

32 Total Credits
On-Campus & Online
Earn your degree on-campus or online, to fit your flexible schedule.
16 - 24 Months
Accommodates the Schedules of Working Professionals
Career Outlook
Human relations, public relations and journalism, and utilizing practical skills in digital photography, video and web production and radio

Our Bachelor's degree in Communication program

Instruct the student in general communication theory and technology.

Provide the student with an opportunity for more intensive study in a specific area of communication

Ensure the student can apply knowledge of general communication theory and technology to specific social problems

Program Deliverables

  • Understanding Media, Media Writing, Digital Media, Mass Media, Media Criticism, Multimedia Reporting
  • Oral Communication, Speech & Debate I & II
  • Human Sexualities, Dating and Relating, Gender Communication
  • Photography I & II, Photojournalism & Photo Documentary: Storytelling in Images
  • Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Communication, Business and Managerial Communication
  • Public Affairs Reporting
  • Digital 3D Modeling, Advertising, Persuasion
  • Audio Production, Radio & Radio Practicum
  • Voice and Movement, Acting, Directing for the Theatre
  • Media and Social Change, Media Law And Ethics
  • Visual Storytelling and Reporting
  • Journalism, Entrepreneurial Journalism, Advanced Visual Field Reporting
  • Public Relations, Writing for Public Relations, Public Relations in Organizations
  • Feature Writing, Editing, Social Media
  • Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Communication
  • Small Group Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Family Communication
  • Intercultural Communication, Interracial Communication
  • The Beatles: Popular Music and Society
  • Digital Media: Print, Web, Typography, Animation

  • Fake News and Fact-Checking, Global Media
  • Interviewing, Conflict Management, Communication Ethics
  • Comm Research in Action
  • Political Communication in the United States
  • Graduate Study & Research Methods in Communication
  • Communication Theory, Organizational Communication Theory
  • Meaning And Social Structure, Social and Cultural Effects of Mass Media, Women and Media
  • New Technologies in Electronic Media
  • Interactive/Multimedia Technologies
  • Film and Culture: A Global Perspective
  • Communication, Culture, and Power

Communication B.A curriculum

Courses help students improve their skills in writing, speaking, and understanding the messages of others in individual, group, and mass media contexts. To accomplish these goals, the curriculum addresses the theoretical, critical, and technical aspects of communication

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